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7252 W Foster Ave
Chicago, IL

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  • There are plenty of contagious microorganism which can be extremely harmful to the eyes if you wear the eye contact lenses washed by the tap water. For example, there are acanthamoeba bacteria in the tap water, and they can cause the keratitis. Therefore, the eye contacts should be completely away from the tap water. As to the cleaning of the eye contacts, you should use professional care solution to wash clean the contacts. And the care solution should also be used to store the contacts in clean container. Remember to change the care solution in the container every day, and do not repeat using it or mix the old with the new solution.

  • If you plan to buy one pair of sunglasses to wear when you are horse riding, you could choose the ray ban polarized sunglasses which are not only special at the appearance but also are perfect at the function. You could choose one type from the online store which may save you a lot of money. You will find that the quality at the online store is just as same as those in the real stores.

  • Sweetie, if you just mean you have dilated blood vessels in your eyes, it can be caused by many reasons and usually this kind of symptom will go away on its own and needn't any special medical treatment. But if you mean that you can see blood on the whites of your eyes, I think you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. I come across many bloodshot eyes on Google today. It looks horrible. They look like an eye trauma. I don't know what will cause this. But they just scared me. I think doctors can explain this for you. Good luck!

  • Sure. Polarized bifocal sunglasses are very helpful for driving becasue you don't have to switch back and forth between sunglasses and reading glasses. Polarized bifocal sunglasses can not only allow you to see close-up clearly, but also they can help reduce the glare when you are driving.

  • Yes, of course it will make your eyes bloodshot. As we know that bloodshot eyes are common and usually occur due to eye irritation. So we can say that there are many reasons which can cause the eyes bloodshot such as the eye irritation, eye energy and lack of sleep. But for your situation, we can say that there is something to do with the high blood pressure which makes your eyes bloodshot. Because when you keep coughing, it will increase the blood pressure, and then it can affect your eyes. I suggest you should go and ask the eye doctor for the details

  • Yes, a stroke may cause a lazy eye. After a person has been struck by a stroke, it is likely that one side of his body including the arm, leg, trunk and the face will be paralyzed. That's what is called hemiplegia. When a person suffers from hemiplegia, one side of his body is obviously weaker than the other side. As a result, the eye on this side become a lazy one.

  • Well, it seems that you are afraid of getting that kind of disease, as a matter of fact, it is quite serious which could give rise to some relevant problems, such as painful eye balls, blurred vision, headaches, as well as double vision, if the situation is pretty bad. Because blepharitis is contagious and it connects different parts of your eyes. At later stages, you would suffer more serious consequences, so, you had better take care of it before long.

  • A friend of mine used his rock polishing tools on my scratched lenses and it work well.

  • Yeah, of course. Actually, there will be a repair kit when you buy your glasses. If not, you can take your eyeglasses to the eyeglasses store to replace it. Hope this helpful.

  • Dude, have a look at Where Can I buy fake eyeglasses for fashion? There are many good suggestions for you to choose from. Hope this helped! Good luck!