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Ostoich Optical

Ostoich Optical

(773) 242-6482

Category: Optical Stores

7447 W Talcott Ave
Chicago,IL 60631

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General Info

Ostoich Optical is the optical center located next to Dougal, McClellan & Sullivan Eye Associates in Chicago, IL. We put these two together to make it convenient for you to get the great eye-site you deserve!

Our main products include:




Broken Frame Repair

Our professional staff here coupled with our experienced team of optometrists can help. We accept most insurances and are open 6 days a week. We also have same day service available and a lab on site to get things done quickly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




Insurance Accepted: VSP

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  • Dear friend, dilated pupil is a common phenomenon that every one of us may suffer in every day. If we want to see something clearly, our pupil will dilate. You can check your eyes to see how it happens in the mirror. But this will not do harm to our eyesight. As to glassy eyes, I think there are many reasons. I saw many older people with some disease will have glassy eyes. Maybe this was caused by aging or medicines. And if someone is too tired or suffering great depress at this moment, he or she may have glassy eyes too. I don't know how to relieve this. But I think you can consult you doctors after having an eye exam.

  • Yes, it actually works. Firstly, you need to know the reason why we have dark circles. Getting a bad sleep, drinking too many fluids before bedtime, exposing to intensive sun for a long period and rubbing your eyes frequently, both of them can lead to bags under your eyes, so do a nasal congestion. Bad sleep, pigmentation irregularities and sun exposure seem as the chief culprit. Then go back to your question, your tiny vessel under skin around your eyes expand due to deficiency of sleep. And the blood circulation is hambered, the blood is blocked there. So it appears dark circles. Using a soft cloth to wrap an ice cube or cool tea bags(put in the freezer for half an hour) to your eyes or just on your forehead for 10-15 minutes can lead to a vasoconstriction and relive the blood circulation. By the way, the effects of cosmetic and dark sunglasses can not be neglected.

  • As far as I can see, this is absolutely a subjective question, because different people would have different likes and dislikes and thus the answers would be various. But in my mind, dark brown eyes would be very mysterious, they are ok with middle-aged people, some people would of course be fond of them. I mean, you have to be yourself, not be what others expect you to be.

  • lazy eyes also called amblyopia. The most common treatment for lazy eyes is to force the brain to start using the "bad" eye. This is done by first correcting any underlying problems in that eye and then by putting a patch over the "good" eye. At first, the child will have a hard time seeing with just the weaker eye. However, it is very important that your child wear the patch diligently because this will eventually improve vision. It can take weeks or months for an eye patch to improve vision. It's important to follow your doctor's instructions carefully and that your child is monitored closely during treatment. As the child keeps using only the eye with amblyopia, his or her vision will continue to improve. After the doctor determines that vision is back to normal, your child will not have to wear the patch. Some children may again lose some vision and need to undergo another round of patching. In cases of mild amblyopia, the doctor might recommend using an eye drop called atropine in the "good" eye instead of a patch. Atropine dilates the pupil and blurs the vision in the "good eye," forcing the "bad" eye to do most of the work while the child is playing with toys, eating, drawing, or reading. Most children with amblyopia will also need glasses to help focus. If there is something blocking light from getting into the eye, the doctor might recommend surgery to remove the blockage. If strabismus is preventing the eyes from moving together correctly, your doctor might recommend surgery on the muscles of the eye. Your doctor will discuss with you what treatment is most appropriate for your child.

  • Keep the air vents on your ski goggles free and unobstructed. Every so often check the top of your goggles to clear off any snow that may have accumulated and may be blocking the vents. Air flow keeps fog away.

  • The mechanism of action of Demerol is smooth muscle contraction. It causes contraction of all the visceral smooth muscles like intestinal smooth muscle contraction leading to constipation. In the eye, it causes contraction of the sphincter pupillae. When the muscle contracts due to Demerol, it shortens in length. Thus causing pupillary dilatation.Hope this is clear to you now.

  • Wear new bifocals full-time to make yourself get used to new pair. Retrain yourself how to hold your head for close-up viewing. Change the head angle when eading books. Don't view things far away out of the bottom portion of the bifocals.

  • I purchased a pair of oakley sunglasses at and I must tell you they are fantastic! Not only are they lightweight, but the polarized lenses are well worth the expense.

  • Low vision is a term used to describe a degree of severity of visual loss. People with low vision may receive treatment within a subspecialty of optometry and ophthalmology called "low vision". Or they need devices to help them to see clear. For them, they can ask help from some optical aids like to wearing magnifying glasses. Or they can read large -print cookbooks, large-numbered playing cards, clocks, telephones and watches to achieve what they want to know.

  • The itchy bump sounds like a stye. The antibiotics killed good bacteria making you get a stye. Cover your eyes with mild hot towel and use some eye drops. Generally it will disappear several days later.