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  • Maybe your skin is allergic to the material that is made of the plastic nose pads. Or the dirt on the nose pads cause your nose itching. You should clean your nose pads to see whether your problem will go away. If your nose is still itching after you clean the nose pads, you should go to see your doctor to have a check and see whether you are allergic to the material of the nose pads.

  • I suggest you to use the wiping cloth to wipe it slightly.

  • The doctor will suggest the patients eat a balanced diet and a lot of fruits after lasik surgery. People who have lasik surgery should avoid foods like sugar, refined flour (Maida) and trans-fats (Vanaspati). They should limit the amount of fried food and coffee and cigarettes. Fresh vegetables and fruit are good for people who have lasik surgery. Roots and parsley and celery leaves are also beneficial for the eye health.

  • Video games are bad for kids' eyes. Since your son is addicted to video games, you must try to help him nurture a good habit for many young kids that are addicted to video games will not only impair their eyesight but also lag behind in their study. You can attract him by other sports games. You can also take your son to a library. You can help him to build new relationship with classmates and then they will play together other than playing video games all day long.

  • Hi, the official website of Serengeti sunglasses is here:, so you can find many useful introduction info there. It is a famous brand from USA. This brand of sunglass is known for its technology and style. The lenses are made in Italy with special technology to make it comfortable to the eyes. About where to buy, you can find many distributors by entering this brand name in google, here is one: You can see that It mainly depends on where you are located.

  • There should be some dos and don'ts given by the doctor.You should follow these strictly in case of any discomfort.So it is better to rest after the surgery.

  • Yes, it is very normal and it especially happens when someone is having a dream. And it has even been proved that your eyes will move faster than usual when you sleep. This is good for your sleep cuz at least your eyes are very flexible. Of course you can' t watch your own eyes moving, but you can just observe others, haha.

  • Moderate astigmatism may affect your vision so that you can't see things clearly. If you don't treat it, it may cause poor vision. It can also cause other eye diseases, like Keratoconus and early age-related cataract. So you should treat moderate astigmatism as early as possible.

  • Are you allergic to something? Because allergies can also affect the eyes. They may lead to red, itchy, burning, and watery eyes. If you are in this kind of situation, you just need to avoid touching these allergies then you will be OK. Itchy, burning eyes can be caused by infections too. And this will threaten your eyesight if you do not take any measures. You also need to see the doctor and get some medicines to deal with it.

  • You may have a cold, or you get sinus infection. As far as I can see, sinus will lead watery eyes. Okay, whatever, here is the method for you to get rid of it, my mom always do that, Hope that would be helpful. Firstly, drink pear-honey tea, you can do that by yourself, slice the pear at the first place, then add 2 spoons of honey, then mix then and put boil water The last thing for you is drinking, then straight to bed, have a good rest under warm quilt.