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10610 N Pennsylvania St Ste B
Indianapolis, IN 46280

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  • Yes you can. Use a very soft kleenex and rub lightly to dry. If you do like this they wouldn%u2019t scratch the plastic lenses.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get visual snow from stress because of damages of eyes nerves. In addition, stress will also cause some serious eye problems. Your eyes will be red and dry. The stress will always make your eyes see in blurry state. You'd better protect the eyes carefully. You need to have the good rest and relax yourself. You must keep the good mood.

  • Yes, a scratch on cornea must be painful but it would be recovered soon if not hurt much. BUT if it doesn't recover in few days and still be painful, go to your MD for help. And don't wear your contacts anymore until your eye is fully healed.

  • A number of factors account for the watering eye. The most common cause is a blocked tear duct due to a gradual narrowing of the upper end of the tear duct or persistent mild inflammation. If you are in a sad mood, you can feel like crying. Or perhaps some foreign objects such as onions, fumes or eyelashes enter into your eye, causing the eye to water as a protective reflex to clear irritants away from the eye. If it is a mild symptom caused by eye irritation, you can remove the irritants and drip over-the-counter topical anti-allergy drops to make you feel better. Or you can apply warm compresses over your eyes to help promote the drainage of the blockage. In some serious case, you should go to hospital for an overall examination and your eye doctor will decide whether you should receive a treatment with an operation.

  • It should not make your eyesight worse if your prescription is right. If you have slight nearsightedness, you don't need to wear them all the time otherwise you will be more dependent on them.

  • There is a large scope of vision outside the central vision, which is called peripheral vision. Put it in this way, perippheral vision means you could see out of the corner of your eyes. Peripheral vision loss creat a sensation that you are looking at everything through a narrow tunnel, which explained exactly why it is called tunnel vision in medical term. Basic causes of peripheral vision loss include retina detachment, glaucoma, eye stroke or occlusion, optic neuritis, papilliedema and concussions. Normally speaking, it won't be triggered by your exercises, unless you did some fierce or contact sports. Eyes are delicate and easy to get hurt. If you got any collision or got any trauma on head, it might cause retina detachment or concussion, which might finally lead to peripheral vision loss. You don't have to be panic about it, because some cases are just temporary, while some are permanent. You just need to visit your ophthalmologist once you found this symptom. With proper and timely treatment, it is possible to prevent it developing to permanent cases. Tunnel vision gives bad direct and guide when you are walking or driving. Be careful. Good luck!

  • Yes. Ereaders can be bad for the eyes. No matter for kids or adult, too much read at ereaders can damages eyes. If you read for a long period of time on ereaders, you may suffer from sore eyes, tired eyes as well as dry eyes etc. If your eyes always stay such condition, it is likely cause vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia as well as astigmatism etc.

  • Commonly diabetes is described as too much sugar in blood vessels. This condition often occurs among 40s to 50s aged people. People who suffer diabetes will get blurry vision. That's because the blood vessels in eyes afford high pressure which is possible to damage nerves. And an oculist said that diabetes is hard to cause yellow eyes. The most common factor which leads to yellow eyes is due to liver. Diabetes can cause side effect on liver. As we all known, liver diseases may be caused by alcohol, meet and so on. If someone gets liver diseases, the prominent symptoms are thin and yellow. So your yellow eyes are possible for liver diseases. But you need to pay attention to your health in any condition. Health is above all. Plus, if you really get diabetes, do not eat many foods which contain high sugar. And you'd better follow your doctor's suggestions to keep eye sight.

  • There are several suggestions for you. First of all, you should choose the specific cleaner that is made for photochromic sunglasses or can be used for most sunglasses. Secondly, you should use a piece of soft cloth to clean your sunglasses instead of using your fingers. Because there are a lot of bacteria and dirts on your hands. At last, you'd better develop a habit of cleaning your sunglasses very often.

  • Hi guys I want to build a website like Peaches and Screams UK and I wanted to get your perspective of whether that site is good from the users' perspective before I go ahead and build something similar. I think that the design of the site is very modern and nice but I am not sure how people would react to a similar site? I look forward to your feedback. Many thanks!