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  • Actually, we always saw a baby who take his fist and rub it vigorously into his eye, usually accompanied by a little yawn. Rubbing his eyes is a way that your baby tell us he is tired. As a baby gets tired, his eyes get fatigued. When he rubs his eyes, he is relieving the soreness and tension in the muscles around the eye, in the eyes and in the lid. As a baby becomes tired his eyes also get start to become dry. Having been exposed to air for a long time, the tear film that bathes the front of the eyes in a protective layer of tears begins to evaporate. Rubbing the eyes also stimulates tearing, which helps bring moisture back into the eyes. The other possible reason is that a baby may also rub his eyes if there is something irritating in them, like an eyelash. Finally, maybe he's rubbing his eyes quite simply because they itch.

  • No, it would not cause that. As we all known, yellow eyes occur when the white of the eye becomes yellow. It is a sign of jaundice caused by a buildup of bilirubin in the blood. Because the older red blood cells would be continuously replaced to new ones, bilirubin is processed by the liver. On the other side, lack of sleep would influence the eyes to absorb nutrients due to they are not closed as long as usual. It would cause swollen eyes instead of yellow eyes.

  • It depends on the cause that leads to the blindness. If the blindness is caused by some trauma in the eyes such as cut or wound, then the eyes will not be the same as those of the normal people. In the case of blind people due to the injury or disease in the optical nerves the cerebrum optic center, the the eyes of the blind people will appear as if normal. However, due to the blindness, the eyes of the blind people cannot present spirit and seem lifeless. The eyes of blind people usually leave impression as confused, blunt and empty eye look. The expression in their eyes are straight without spirit because they cannot see things so that they do not know what to look.

  • The most important thing is to pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hand frequently and void to touch your eyes with your hand or other unclean towel. For treatment, you can flush your eyes with appropriate lotion such as physiological saline or 2% boric acid solution 2-3 times a day. Also, you can use drops or ointment such as ciprofloxacin, aureomycin and tetracycline. If your red eyes are leaded by hybrid virus infection, you can use some anti-virus medicine in support. You should insist on treatment for one more week even the symptoms disappear completely to prevent recurrence.

  • There is substantial overlap. Pink eye is an infectious form of conjunctivitis, most often caused by viruses but also caused in some cases by bacteria. The most important form of non-infectious conjunctivitis is allergic, usually recognizable by mild redness, substantial itching and no discharge.

  • Peripheral vision, also called side vision, which allow you to look forward and see the sides at the same time.If you have good peripheral vision, you can see objects and movements around you very well.

  • It is said that cosmetic contact lenses itself are not harmful. However, improper cosmetic contact lens use can result in a variety of problems, including complete and permanent loss of vision. You may have a risk of eye infection including swelling and infection of the eye, abrasions to the cornea and allergic reactions. It is also said that cosmetic contact lenses can limit vision and the ability to clearly see contrast. There are further dangers of wearing cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription. So if you really need to wear contact lenses, it is best to get an eye exam and a prescription that takes your exact eye measurements into consideration. You should never wear contact lenses, especially for an extended period of time, without an eye check-up and prescription from your doctor.

  • I also heard that grapheme oxide will do damage to our eyesight. But some experts said that it will not do great damage to our eyes for the will not change the cells of our eyes and will not affect the multiplication of the cells too. But I think every kind of medicine will bring us some side effects though their main function is to help reduce our pains or cure the disease. So be careful in using medicines.

  • If you wear GP contacts, it require a short adaptation period. However, if you wear soft contacts, you will be comfortable from just about the moment you put them on.

  • You may need the reading glasses to help you see clearly . I don't know how old you are ,people usually need reading glasses when they age 40s due to the presbyopia . The headache can be caused by sitting in front of the computer too long and your neck getting stiff . It is better to have a rest and move your body every hour when using the computer .