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Drs Hawks, Besler & Rogers

Drs Hawks, Besler & Rogers

(913) 341-4508

Category: Eye Doctor

5703 W 95th St
Overland Park,KS 66207

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5703 W 95th St Overland Park,KS 66207

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  • About Drs Hawks, Besler & Rogers


We provide professional services with compassion and integrity.  Our specialties include comprehensive eye health exams and making you the best glasses you've ever owned.


Established in 1974

Dr Hawks started the practice by opening offices in both Overland Park and Gardner in 1974. After more than 35 years, our goal is still to provide professional service with compassion and integrity.

Meet the Business Owner: Terry H.

Dr. Hawks was born in El Dorado, KS. He received an optometry degree from the University of Houston College Of Optometry. In 1974, he established a practice of optometry in Overland Park and Gardner, Kansas.

Dr. Hawks is a past President of both the Kansas Optometric Association and the Heart of America Contact Lens Society and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. He is a member of the National Association of Sports Vision, Vision Enhancement Council, and Interlens, as well as the American Optometric Association and its Contact Lens and Sports Vision Sections. He is also a member of the Kansas State Board of Examiners in Optometry. He was honored as the 1995 Kansas Optometrist of the Year.

Dr. Hawks and his wife, Teresa, have two children, Ryan and Lauren.

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