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  • Ice and cold packs can reduce the pain, swelling, and bleeding of an injury. Ice treatment are most commonly used for acute injuries, but can be used to treat chronic conditions as well. Because the swelling and inflammation that follows an injury is due to the leakage of blood from the ruptured capillaries, cold application with ice can help by causing the blood vessels to constrict. This constriction of the blood vessels prevents further leakage of blood and serum and minimizes swelling and pain. Cold therapy is also helpful in treating some chronic pain. A person who has chronic elbow pain that increases after playing tennis may want to ice the injured area after each tennis session to reduce or prevent inflammation.

  • If both the biological parents wear glasses, your children are likely to need them as well.but it really would depend,it really depends on the genes that mix if you have children but no one can be certain. My mom has terrible vision, but my sister has ok vision.i would recommend you going to your doctor and asking him or she. I hope I have helped.

  • In order to optimally utilize the optical performance of customised spectacle lenses, the optician makes a record of the following centering data: the distance between the center of the pupil and the center of the frame, the distance between the lower edge of the frame and the center of the pupil, the distance between the rear glass surface and the foremost point of the cornea, the angle between the lens surface and the vertical line of vision as well as the angle between the lens surface and the horizontal line of vision. This extensive list of centering data alone bears evidence of the highly sensitive functionality of modern spectacle lenses and demonstrates the importance of the interaction between the eyes, spectacle lenses and suitable spectacle frames. It is therefore only possible in very few cases that "old" customised lenses can be put into new frames. The option of fitting used spectacle lenses into new spectacle frames is most likely to work in the case of standard single vision lenses, because only the interpupillary distance is required to be identical. In the case of standard single vision lenses, the remaining centering data is not generally requested. The strength of the spectacle lenses also plays a decisive role.The higher the optical effect of an spectacle lens is, the narrower are the tolerances in the production of the glasses.

  • For people with diabetes, they should be quite watchful for warning signs, such as Blurry, cloudy, or double vision,Flashing lights or rings around lights,Blank spots, dark spots, or floating spots in their vision, Pain, pressure, or persistent redness in their eyes. If there are any symptom, see the doctor right away.

  • It is fine to take shower after your LASIK procedure, but you still need to be careful to avoid water coming into your eye. It is better to close your eyes during the shower.

  • Well, it seems that your eyes Are frequently exposed to sun light, I mean, which are harmful to your eyes. So, indeed, it is natural to get blurred eyes in that situation since our eyes , especially our pupils are quite fragile and could not bear such strong beams, automatically, they will protect themselves. Strong beams will cause burning feelings and related problems. What you should do is to avoid being under the sun from too long, and you should get yourself a pair of sunglasses.

  • It's very common, there are dead cells banded together which called eye floater. I have floater in my eyes too, it doesn't bother me. Eye floater is caused by the breakdown of collagen or cellular debris. Mostly, people have nearsighted or myopic are more likely to get it. But if the floater is associated with flashing light, then it may mean something serious, you'd better go see your doctor. Floater can't be removed; actually, unless you are concerned about and pay much attention on it, it's unnoticeable. It may sink to the bottom of your eyes. You have to learn to live with it and don't let it bothers you. Anyway, you need to have a check on whether it is just a floater. Wish you a good luck!

  • If the night blindness is genetic, there is little chance that it can be cured. But if it is temporary and caused by deficiency of Vitamin A, you can take more food high in Vitamin A such as carrots to cure it.

  • A lot of Vitamin B1 is needed when sugar is metabolizing in your body.When one takes in too much sugar,the Vitamin B1 will be in shortage which may contribute to the myopia.Anyway,it is not good to eat much sugar. It also does no good to your teeth.

  • Though a back-up pair of glasses is a good choice, you can still refuse to get them if you don't want to get them. As long as you can take good care of your contacts, there is no need to get another pair of glasses.