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  • Yes. In some patient of rosacea, the eyes are also affected. Usually, the eyes affected by rosacea are likely to appear watering or bloodshot etc. Besides, still some patient suffered from blurry vision. Apart from the eyes, the eyelids also may also be infected and appear red and swollen. It make the eyelids look like styes. To some serious cases, it can cause corneal damages and even some loss of vision. So. if you suffered from rosacea, see a doctor and treat it immediately.

  • Visine is a brand of eye drops used to eliminate the redness of eyes, produced by Johnson& Johnson. The active ingredient in visine formular is Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride which is a vasoconsctrictor. It works by contricting the blood vessels of the surface of eyes to clear out the redness. Yet according to researches, long term use of visine might possibly get the redness rebounded even worse. Because it contrict the blood vessels, it reduce the blood flow and therefore oxygen supplied to eye surface. Some people even experienced rapid heartbeat after instill the drops. And according to the instruction of this product, it is not recommended to people with glaucoma because it tends to increase the intraocular pressure. Yet there is no proofing that instillation of visine would lead to glaucoma finally. I think it is better not to use visine as long term treatment for the redness of eyes.

  • When it comes to funky glasses for men, i recommend you to try colored glasses, actually an increasing number of men prefer to wear colored glasses like purple glasses, pink glasses, it's bold and funky. if you are looking for funky glasses, you can lay your hands on colored glasses. which color do you prefer? if you have no ideal, you can try purple ones that make men look sexy. if you like cold color, you can choose white colored glasses.

  • People who have vision problems can't let the light focus directly on the retina. They either focus in front of the retina or behind the retina, which makes the image blurry and then you can't see them clearly. However, eyeglasses are used to change the angle that light gets into the eye so that it is focused on the retina correctly.

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  • Yes, most of your clothes can't match it. But, there still left some other clothes would match it well. The wonderful matching color will be black and white, no matter what color of your glasses, the above two colors will suit it well. Moreover, the red color serial would match it also, e.g. pink and tawny, brown etc. Purple, dark blue will also be the good friends of red. Anyway, nowadays, many young people like to have two contrast color mixed together to lead the new fashion trend. As a word, in my personal opinion, any color, if you like, would match your glasses; it is your own style. This is a times that display our character!

  • If you do not have allergic trachoma, you can wear colored contact lenses, but you should pay attention to eye health. You should wash your hands before you wear and pick the lenses. The care solution should be changed every day. You should also go to the hospital to have a eye check in three or five months.

  • Because if you feel the pressure from outside world, your eyes will irritate and they may become heavy and tired. When you are high, the air pressure will effect on your eyes in the same way. Besides, if you lack of sleep or in a state of stress, your eyes will have the feeling of heavy and tired as well. So you should let your eyes to have enough sleep and don’t irritate them.

  • I think you just need to buy a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses can help filter the glare from the sun or the smooth surface of water or a road. There are sunglasses for driving. You can have a look in any eyeglasses stores. Hope you can find them soon! Good luck!

  • Well, in my opinion, sleeping cannot make pink eye more serious. So you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, pink eye, is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. And also, the infection normally occurs during rainy and wet season. When it occurs, redness and swelling in the eyes can be possible. To treat it, you can just try rose water. Also, for pink eyes, vitamin c intake can be essential. By the way, you can just try the chamomile tea, and just put cooled, chamomile tea bags on the eyes for 5 to 20 minutes. Of course, when you are sleeping, you can just wear a pair of eye patches to protect your eyes from further infection.