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Vitreo-Retinal Consultants

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530 N Lorraine Ave,
Wichita, KS 67214

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  • The lenses have PC+UV protection, and they are all anti-fog lenses. Gasket is made of silicone, which makes you feel pretty comfortable while wearing. The strap is silicone make as well. You can choose the suitable one based on the price and the size. You'll find they are pretty eco-friendly, and comfortable wearing. They can be used in a long time, even though they are colored, they'll never fade if you obey the instruction of maintenance.

  • You'd better take a plane after the glaucoma surgery because the procedure of taking off and landing will cause the eye pressure's rise and down. It will seriously cause the vision damage of your eyes. You'd better take good care of your eyes after the glaucoma surgery. And you should not eat the spicy food.

  • There are many cheap sunglasses stores online. Cheap doesn't mean the sunglasses are of poor quality. The cost of a pair of sunglasses is very low. But eyeglasses manufacturers and eyeglasses companies can make a great profit from sunglasses. however, with the development of society, all the things are become more available and cheap except some luxuries. So it is possible to buy a pair of sunglasses of good quality while with low price.

  • The progressive lenses owns the function of dividing your eyes into various regions to look, and it is a progress on the basis of bifocal lenses. Progressive lens indeed is more convenient for their advance grinding technology, which will grant the wearer more convenience and comforts of adjusting the change gradually. But wiith other lenses, such as bifocals or trifocals, the reader must get used to looking through the top, middle, or bottom to be able to see a certain distance. Usually eyeglasses combining with progressive lenses are regarded as a perfect match because they match with each other not only functionally but also aesthetically. Therefore, progressive lenses are not bad to eyes but more convenient to eyes.

  • All right, I believe that you must be upset about the suffering of cataract surgery. But from what we can see, it is natural for a cataract patient to get some subsequent problems after the surgery. And that is resulted from the remaining infections in your eyes. So you must follow the doctor's advice and get some follow-up checkup in the hospital to prevent glaucoma from happening.

  • Multifocal contact lenses have two different parts of prescription, which allow you to see both distant and near objects. Multifocal contact lenses are good choices for people with presbyopia. And there are some good types of multifocal contacts. ProClear multifocal contacts are one of the best choices for you if you often suffer dry eyes while wearing contact lenses. This type of contacts can help keep the eyes moist and prevent the lenses developing mineral deposits. Another good type is Frequency 55 Multifocal contacts which can provide clear vision for wearers.

  • If you are still young, it can be caused by genetic factors. You should pay much attention to eye sanitation and don't overuse your eyes. Relax and don't give yourself too much pressure.

  • You said you don't have enough time to rest your eyes. I think maybe that is the problem. Personally, I think there are three ways to solve your problem. First, you must have your eyes rest no matter how busy you are, or you cannot stop the deterioration. Second, you can keep a healthy diet to take in enough nutrients that your eyes need. Third, you can consider changing the job if you really cannot finish it within the working hours. Hope this can help you a little bit.

  • Sometimes, you will be recommended to wear mutifocal contact lenses instead of monovision contact lenses. There is no doubt that the mutifocal contact lenses are a better choice. Monovision contact lenses are mainly applied to 40-45 presbyopia elderly. Although to some extent, they can satisfy your reading needs. However, they have some limitations that maybe cause some symptoms, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, general malaise and so on. Moreover, in special circumstances, such as driving at night must be considered. Fortunately, for the disadvantages above, they can be avoided by mutifocal contact lenses. Unlike monovision contact lenses which only have two different lens. Rather, mutifocal contact lenses can meet the eyes of all distances reading. Therefore, the choice of the latter is better.

  • It is ok to wear sunglasses while skiing on warm sunny days. If you go skiing on cold and overcast days, you'd better wear goggles instead. Goggles can protect your eyes from cold wind and the glare reflected from snow. Otherwise it can damage your eyes and put you at risk of Snow Blindness. Skiing goggles are designed for skiing, so they are much safer than regular sunglasses. Sunglasses may fall off your face while running while goggles cannot. So goggles are the best for skiing.