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  • I don't suggest you to use hemorrhoid cream to help you with your eye bags although the hemorrhoid cream has the role of anti-inflammation. It will make your eyes skin be sensitive. You'd better choose another way, like using the way of warm compress or adoption of tea bag. These two ways may help you release the eye bags in a proper way.

  • People with strong prescription usually choose the frame with proper height. The frames with less than 30mm frame height are better. Because if you choose a oversized frame, you will get dizzy for your strong prescription. Moreover, to get a good look, you shall first avoid rimless eyeglasses frame which can exposure your thick lenses. Besides, half rimmed frame shall also be avoided if you want to get gook look. That is to say, you shall choose full framed eyeglasses so as to hold your thick lenses. And the thick eyeglasses frame is recommended.

  • The colored contact lenses are just like the transparent contact lenses, dividing into several types according to the using time. They can be divided into everyday disposable, month, half a year and yearly contact lenses. You should base on your type of contact lenses to use it. However, you should keep in mind that not using it after the expired time.

  • Black eyeglasses are fasionable and cute. More and more people collect them and wear them. Walmart stocks some Zachary Quinto black glasses. And the price is good, the qualities of these black glasses are also fine. What's more, the shipping is free for some styles. So I believe that you can get your lover on this site.

  • Yes, I have some experience in buying glasses and contacts from Walmart actually. Technically, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and its vision center is pretty complicated. They have got various types glasses of different brands. There are a lot of options from which to choose. Personally, I would recommend Walmart to you, despite that Costco is also preferable. Anyway, you should pay a visit to see which is better.

  • before or after the puffy occurs in the areas surrounding the eyes, can be very much provided care to humans on their face without extreme cost nor more of any extreme discomforts by putting the actual raw parts of potatoe the size of either quarters or half moon size type of cut, freshly cut or hashbrown style freshly shredded cut onto the better external parts of under your eyes but upper cheeckbone but definitely externa; skin are for a few minutes and notice if it does TIGHTEN UP THAT AREA OF SKIN. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND DO MNOT DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS IF ALLKEREGIC TO FRESH POTATOES AT ALL.

  • can any stress cause PVD

  • As a matter of fact, frequent eye makeup will cause pink eyes, for eye makeup will make the areas around your eyes a breeding ground for bacteria and consequently lead to pink eye. But if you just do eye makeup every once in a while, it doesn't matter, and you can just ease your mind to make up your eyes. But while you are making up your eyes, try not to expose your eyes to cosmetics. Just be careful.

  • Tortoise shell glasses were originally made from the turtle. But now it refers to the color that is similar to the tortoise shell. They are often made of plastic which have mottled brown, black and sometimes orange pattern. They are widely used in eyeglasses and sunglasses. Tortoise shell glasses are very popular with people these days. If you want to wear tortoise shell glasses, just go to the optical store to try them on and see whether they are suitable for you.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get dark circles under eyes because of blepharitis. Blepharitis is an acute suppurative inflammation eyelid of common glands and hair follicles eyelash. When it gets serious, it may burst and left eyelid scar. You'd better use the antibiotics ophthalmic through eye drops and go to surgery as soon as possible. The blepharitis can be divided into two types. One of them is inner blepharitis and outer blepharitis. The blepharitis may let you feel uncomfortable during the night which will cause the bad sleep. That is the main reason for the dark circles under the eyes. You should go to the hospital to accept the treatment as soon as possible.