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Jong, Susan Dr

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Category: Optical Stores

5151 Bluebonnet Blvd
Baton Rouge,LA 70809

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  • Both ski and snowbording are extremely dangerous. The ski goggles have to be tough enough. And ski goggles can keep people from snow blindness. By the way, I think all sports equipment isn't cheap, because the quality has to be sure. People would like to purchase the expensive stuff to keep them safe. I bet this is one of the reasons of the high price.

  • Just three days, my recommendation is NO. It is well known that there are two means of glaucoma surgery: laser treatment or making a cut in the eye. Both of them have side effects of eyes. You should consult your eye doctor before wearing contact lens. If the doctor said YES, the hard contact lens is the best choice because it is more gas-permeable than soft one and its size is smaller than the soft one. You must strictly observe the wearing time and following the doctor’s recommendations.

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  • It seems that you are very interested in andy sixx , who is an American heavy metal singer. And of course, to a large extent, he is famous for his weird image. Anyway, I should tell you that he has blue eyes originally, but sometimes he would wear some strange contact lenses in order to appear more weird and attractive. You could get those special effects contact lenses at Amazon or Alibaba, where you could see more options at affordable prices.

  • It's hard to say why, maybe sometimes, they hate the way their eyes look when they are roll, they thought that it would be more comfortable and looks much better by wear sunglasses. And some people at raves wear sunglasses just for popping out, making them look special, cool and different from others.

  • I heard this too, wraparound sunglasses can do better job against sun's rays. I think there probably are such sunglasses in Walmart because it is common style that many people prefers. If you didn't find the one you like, you could still check some other big super markets or stores. I really want to recommend you to shop on line. It is so easy and convenient. You don't have to go outside and walk a long way. Just turn on your computer, get thought the access to internet, and you could start shopping. I always enjoy such shopping time and experiences online. Besides of sunglasses, I also bought contact lenses on line too. It is fabulous. The price is much cheaper and these shops provides various eye wears products. Just have a try and you will love it.

  • It is NOT safe to wear contact lenses if the eye has a corneal abrasion. Your medical eye professional, HOWEVER, may give you a “CONTACT LENS BANDAGE” to insert for protection

  • If you have such symptoms as follows, be careful that you may get presbyopia. Firstly, you suddenly find that you cannot read fine print easily; secondly, eyestrain often disturbs you after a long time reading; thirdly, blur at near or momentarily blurred vision when transitioning between viewing distances. Many people receive a surgery operation. However, it is not suitable for everyone.Certain people with presbypoia may benefit from LASIK eye surgery, although there are limitations.

  • Long answer in short.1.The price.2.The logo.3.The manufacturer. 4.The quality.

  • The sunglasses have color on their lenses while the common glasses don't have color. When you are in the outside and especially when it comes to a very hot day, the sunglasses can filter the glare of the sun and make your eyes feel more comfortable while the common glasses can't do this, you have to narrow your eyes to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight.