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4520 Wichers Dr Ste 102
Marrero, LA 70072

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  • Laser eye surgery has both advantages and disadvantages. After you have undergone laser eye surgery, your vision will be improved and glasses or contact lenses are not needed. This will also give you a good appearance. Laser surgery can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism of all levels. The procedure of the surgery is very short (usually 10 minutes) and is painless. Since the surgery is controlled by a computer, it is highly precise and accurate. However, laser eye surgery has disadvantages. The result of the surgery depends on the condition of the patients. To some extent, the laser surgery will worsen your vision, for example night vision. If the patient has dry eyes, the surgery may deteriorate the condition. Before you receive eye surgery, you should communicate with an ophthalmologist on which kind of surgery is suitable for you.

  • For a round head, I'd have to say square glasses are the best. I have a round head and I get a lot of compliments on my glasses

  • NO, it is impossible to get black eyes from wisdom removal. In fact, teeth have no connection with a black eyes. And people my got black eyes from a hit by others, or they got a injury in accident. So, teeth removal shall not responsible for your black eyes. You shall know what happened to your eyes. If you can’t find any causes that response for your black eyes, you shall consult an eye doctor because it may caused by some serious diseases or eye infection etc.

  • Well, it is so good for you to have got hazel eyes because as you can see a lot of people fancy those kind of eyes for they are really charming with girls you know? Anyway, if you want to make your eyes brighter, you could try to apply some eye makeups to your eyes, or you could just wear some colored contact lenses which could give you desired effects, but you should be careful of them. Hope you find what you want. Anyway, hazel eyes are just amazing.

  • It is quite common for computer workers to suffer from eye pain and dry eyes. When they stare at the computer screens for a long time without seeing other things and blinking your eyes as you usually do, their eyes will hurt when they look at the distance suddenly. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes from time to time and blink your eyes intently to moisten your eyes. Or you can look at the distance or close your eyes to take a rest for a few minutes. Hope this helped!

  • Viral infections such as the flu can cause eye pain. Migraine headache and Sinus problems can also cause eyes to hurt.

  • If you get the pink eyes, your eyes corneal get inflammation which contains the large number of bacterium. It is normal for you to get the blurry vision. You may treat it in a scientific way. After about a month, you could get recovery from the pink eyes. At that time, your eyes will not be blurry any more.

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  • Dear, sometimes we will get pain behind our eyes caused by eye strain. If we use our eyes for a long time, we may feel the pain around our eyes and sometimes even in our eyes. We couldn't feel the pain when we were working because we focused our attention on our work. But after finishing the work, we lay down for some rest and felt the pain behind our eyes and other part of our body.