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Dr Kenneth Lefleur

Dr Kenneth Lefleur


Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

1110 Doctor Ac Terrence Blvd Ste 2
Opelousas, LA 70570-6403

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  • The glare is caused by reflections from the uncoated lens surface. By applying an anti-reflective coating (multicoat) to the surface of the lens we can reduce the reflections caused by flare from headlights and street lights. Objects will appear clearer and night vision will improve.An anti-reflective coating also benefits those who use the computer and are in artificial lights due to the reduced reflections off the lens surface. Making your vision clearer and more comfortable.

  • You should go to see your doctor and he will check your eyes. If your watery eyes are caused by tear duct that leaks regually, your doctor will recommend you to have surgery. It just depends on what caused your watery eyes. So check with your doctor.

  • Yes, if you are a careful people, you will find that people with colored contacts look more beautiful but in an unnatural way. To judge if a person wear colored contact lenses or not, you need look carefully about their pupils in their eyes. People with colored contact lenses always have the same size of pupils no matter how bright or how dark their eyes are. Their pupils look too perfect to be real.

  • Well, it seems that you have to live with your computer every day. So, as far as I know, overuse of eyes will give rise to a lot of consequences, headache is one of them, because headache is resulted from eye strain as well as overwork. My advice for you is to pay more attention, work less but more efficiently. I sincerely hope you can recover from your headache in no time.

  • Most cosmetics will do no harm to the human body when they are first bought from stores, except those to which the skin will be allergic. The source of infection is always from the hands and the dirty environment. Before making up, remember to wash your hands carefully. Keep your cosmetics away from dirt and saliva, the bacteria in which will multiple. Besides, don't share makeup with others. Don't use antiquated makeup. When removing the eye makeup, be careful not to touch the cornea and those sensitive sections, to avoid infection and inflammation. What should be noticed is that the environment in which the cosmetics are stored should be cool and dry. They can easily go bad if long time in high temperature. When the eyes or skin around is inflaming, absolutely don't use makeup until it's recovered.

  • Different people have different opinions. As it to me, I think the vision insurance is not worth it. I feel like it does not cover that much and the premium is equal to what I would pay for an exam. I used to get my contacts from 1-800 contacts and they were pretty reasonably priced. I'd also get cheap glasses. Moreover, I have already go Lasik a couple of years ago, so I no longer have to buy that stuff.

  • Well, i can see that your problem is quite serious, so it is true that patients with glaucoma need to pay more attention to their eye health. And as a matter of fact, eyebright has proved to be quite effective in treating eye problems, but you should know that its effects are limited, which means that the patient still need a lot of professional treatment in the hospital. But it is useful when you use some eyebright tea to wash your eyes.

  • How do I get salt out of my eye?

  • It is much less common for children to wear bifocals,but if you are nearsighted have problems in close work such as reading,you may need bifocals .