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251 E Baltimore St
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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  • Warm compress can't help you in this case. A blow on eyes can make the capillaries beneath skin broken and bleeding. The capillaries are very fragile, we all know that. The force on eyes could easily make them break. The blood congealed beneath will discolor the skin there, in this way bruise is formed. Warm compress will promote blood flow which makes it bleeding more. Right after the hit, you should apply some ice pad to stop the bleeding and pain. Apply this ice pad for 15 minutes each time. After 2-3 days, you can apply some warm compress now to help the blood circulation and reduce the blood stasis. Apply some tender massage around could help too.

  • As a matter of fact, Gucci sunglasses is a notable Italian brand which is famous for its luxury goods and high quality merchandise. Actually, it is also one of the most expensive sunglasses in the world. As it is located in Italy, so it is generally made in Italy. And as to your second question, how to tell its authenticity right? I have some advice for you here. First, you should be sure that you bought it from a large shopping mall or some places like that. Second, make contact with its after sales service to see if your sunglasses are real. Hope you find it useful.

  • It would last 2 to 3 days normally. The eye sty is small bump that would appear on the outside or inside of the eyelid. It causes by clogged eyelid glands of debris, bacteria, or excess oil that the person get. When getting the eye sty, it would be sensitive to the light. To treat it, you can use warm towel to compress your eyelid for 10 minutes, and repeat it about 4 times per day. Or you can use eye drops to cure the infection.

  • What you are describing would not occur due to a change in your prescription. I believe you are describing a problem with your eye itself. If you have dry eye, then you need to blink to moisture them. It is very possible that you have developed a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis. This is an auto immune allergic type response to the presence of the contact lens and or deposits on the lens. With GPC, underside of the upper lid develops big (giant) bumps (papilla) due to allergic inflammation of the tissue under the upper lid called the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). GPC causes the lid to produce excessive mucous which deposits the contact lens and makes it feel dry. Because the lens is deposited the lid tends to grab hold of it rather than slide over it with a blink, therefore causing the lens to displace. Once you have developed GPC it tends to become chronic. You should go back and see you eye doctor. There are treatments available to control GPC. Hope this helped.

  • Yes, staring contests can be harm to your eyes. First, you should know that it can lead to eye strain by doing this contest in a long time. In other words, your eyes will be forced to work harder than they need to, therefore, straining them and that lead to eye strain. Finally, it can cause your eyes to develop problems such as short-sightedness. In some cases, it will make your eyes become dry. So you are not supposed to do this staring contest. Besides, looking some small print in a long time, or watching TV will also do harm to your eyes, so just be careful about them.

  • Yes, it is possible to lead to nausea because of pink eyes. But the possibility is rare. First, pink eye can be caused by a virus, fungus, bacteria, and allergy, as well as something else irritating the eye. If you experience that, you need to go to hospital and ask your docotr for more help.

  • Well, generally speaking, there are many people who suffer from dizzy eyes when they move their eyes. And we can say that it is kind of normal. And in most cases, dizziness will disappear by itself with time. But if your eyes suffer serious dizzies, I have to tell you that you may have some eye problems, such as uveitis and eye infection. So you should just be careful about them, or it will just make your eyes far from infection resources.

  • The best advantage is your vision can improve a lot and no longer to wear glasses. The disadvantage is there may be complications several years later after the Lasik surgery.

  • From what I can see, you are suffering a great deal from your optic neuritis, which may results in great drop in your vision and make your visual capacity terrible. And generally speaking, it is not to be cured on a through basis. You could only try to relieve it and minimize its effects on your eyes. Just try to get positive medical treatment and take care of your life and healthy in every facet.