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Curtis Frank, OD (
Boston,MA 02110)

(617) 261-1820

Category: Eye Doctor

155 Federal StSte 150 (between Milton Pl & High St)

Boston,MA 02110

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155 Federal StSte 150 (between Milton Pl & High St) Boston,MA 02110

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  • About Curtis Frank, OD


We specialize in examinations for glass and all types of contacts.  
Including disposables from Acuvue, Ciba, Bausch and lomb, and  
     We offer Corneal Refractive Therapy Lenses for reduction or elimination of myopia( nearsightedness)
     Bifocal contacts both soft disposable and Hard gas permeable
     Evaluation for  and co-management of Refractive surgery, Lasik, PRK and Lasek. and Cataracts.
     Evaluation for treatment for dry eyes..


Established in 1982

Dr. Frank is an independent Optometrist located inside For Eyes Optical on the corner of Federal and High Streets.  He has been associated with For Eyes for the last 18 years.

Meet the Business Owner: Curtis F.

Dr. Frank attended Michigan State University and graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1982. He has a Post doctorate certification in diagnostic and therapeutic practice from the state of Massachusetts. Dr Frank is licensed in both Massachusetts and California. His areas of expertise are contact lenses practice including the treatment of astigmatism, presbyopia, and orthokeratology.

He is a clerkship faculty member of the New England collage of Optometry.Helping in the clinical training of students of the collage. Dr. Frank treats eye disease including red eyes, conjunctivitis, Iritis, and allergies.He also is very experienced in treating dry eye,using the latest techniques and medicines.

Dr. Frank also co- manages with surgeons Lasik and other refractive surgery procedures and pre and post cataract surgery.

If you are having problems with you glasses, contacts or comfort of your eyes see Dr. Frank.

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  • I have had a lot of problems with those pesty white spots on my contacts. My doc told me that they were calcium deposits too. I had worn contacts for over 10 years so it was shocking that it had just been happening for the last couple of years. I was told that diet, hormones, medications and changing cleaning solutions can cause them. So, in this way, you can buy some special solution to wash it off. Hope this helpful.

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  • Can my eye glass lenses be scanned to make a new pair of glasses with the purchase of a frame?

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  • Do not feel so bad about suffering cyst in your eyes because you can deal with it on your own. Do remember that good personal hygiene is required and do not rub your eyes, otherwise the spreading of the bacteria will continue. Once you have suffered cyst in the eye, stop use any kind of eye cosmetics in order to prevent the eye from infected and irritated. Try to wash your eyes frequently with clean water. And medical treatment from the eye doctor is strongly recommended if the problem gets out of control and worse. Take medicines and follow what the doctor say until the cyst goes away.