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  • Yes, it is quite normal to have red eyes after cycling and it does not mean you have any vision problem. Cycling, as well as some other strenuous exercises can make the whites of your eyes turn red. Those reds are just bloodshot and they will disappear after you have a good rest. So don't worry about that.

  • If you accidentally get something in your eyes when setting off fireworks, flush your eyes with tap water or sterile saline solution. Do not rub your eyes because that could cause greater injury or an infection. If you are losing vision or get a lot of pain, you need to seek for immediate medicare attention.

  • Cycling glasses are worn to shield eyes from UV rays and glares in the sun. So, the sunglasses must have UV protection and can prevent glares. Besides, the lens materials required to be impact resistance to prevent debris, insects, small stones etc. From this point, polycarbonate lenses are good choices. Besides, full or half framed cycling glasses are recommended to give your comfortable and well ventilated and safe wearing.

  • I guess that your eyes may get much muddy than before, which is the common situation will happen to those who smoke. The reason is that the nicotine will harm your lung and liver, then lead bad affects for your detoxifying, finally your eyes shows the muddy. If you can't get rid of smoking, then you may eat more fruit which can help you to detoxify, and relax more. By the way, Vitamin will always be helpful, so do not forget about take some supplements.

  • Generally lasik surgery has a good rate success and most people can get a good result after first lasik surgery if you follow the doctor's instruction and have a good habit of using eyes. If the result is not satisfactory, you can have a reshape after half a year. But your cornea need to be thick enough and there is no other eye disease.

  • Well, yes, fluorescent light can be very harmful for your eyes. As we know that fluorescent light contains more green, blue light, violet light than natural daylight does. So you should know that these light wavelengths are not optimal for reading or visualizing detailed tasks. If you just have reading with them, it can cause eye strain. When you have eye strain in a long time, it can be very dangerous to your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as red eyes, dry eyes. In some cases, it can just affect your vision. On the other hand, you also need know that risk of malignant melanoma may be increased in those regularly exposed to certain frequencies of fluorescent light.

  • Do whatever makes you happy bro. I love round glasses! Peace

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  • Oh my god, why doesn't he choose to be a burglar. It is very easy, if you have previously had some eye exam and have known your eye degree. You can get contact lens based on those data. There wouldn't be big changes from your previous data. If you are first-time glasses user, try to take an eye exam, the money will be well spent.