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Professional Contact Lens Clinic and Optical

Professional Contact Lens Clinic and Optical

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30660 W 12 Mile Rd
Farmington Hills,MI 48334

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Dr. Rudolph DeMercurio. O.D


Contact Lenses at Mail Order Prices

$99 - Complete Eye Exam, Lenses and Care Kit

1000's Of Contact Lenses in Stock

All Major Brands Including: Disposable - Soft - Gas Permeable - Astigmatism - Bifocal - Tinted

Glasses - Designer Frames At Wholesale Prices

Leading Edge Examination Procedures

Medical Treatment

Laser Surgery


Top Designer Frames:

* Versace

* Gucci
* Dior
* Bebe
* DKNY and More!

Disposable Contacts Package:

* Acuvue
* Bausch & Lomb
* Ciba

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  • Grapes are rich in vitamin A. Although grapes are not particularly good for eyesight, but vitamin is always good for your body and health, and grapes are specially good for liver, Chinese medicine believe in the connection between liver and eye health. If the liver is working good and proper then the eyes will be healthy, too.

  • I am not sure. But eye exercises and eye yoga are good for our eye health because they can help reduce eye fatigue. Our eyes will feel less pain and tiredness after doing that. I have tried that. But my eyesight hasn't improved though I have persisted on doing this for nearly a month. My friend told me that I should persist on doing this for at least 3 months than I can find a sign of improvement in my eyesight. So I will persist on doing it until I have any result.

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  • You may try clicking her or the sunglasses and choose to take them off. If it doesn't work, try clicking the stand to take it off. Hope this can help you.