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26059 Southfield Rd
Lathrup Village, MI

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  • Mold can grow anywhere in people's house, if not taken seriously. Exposing to mold can affect people's health, such as allergic responses and irritation of the eyes, and other parts of the body which are naked to mold. Your eyes may get itch, red and watery when exposing to molds. When you eyes contact the mold, your immune system will take the mold as foreign invaders and then fight them, thus make eye irritation. Mold is a threat for your health. You'd better try to clean up them in your house.

  • Posterior vitreous detachment is caused by natural changes in the vitreous due to aging. The aging process would gradually make the central part of the vitreous to become liquid and its outer part to peel away from the retina. This is the absolute reason for posterior vitreous detachment. In addition, refractive errors may also contribute to the onset of PVD.

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  • They don't differ between sports.Some people may prefer calling them ski goggles while other people may like to call them snowboard goggles.

  • You need to stop wearing contacts for some time and see if your eyes get better. If they are still bloodshot, then your father is right.There is something wrong with your eyes and need to see the doctor.

  • The answer is right to some extent. There are five disadvantages of over-time using computer. First, the computer radiation will do harms to your eyes and induce some eye diseases like glaucoma, etc. Second, computer microwave like low-energy X-ray and ELF emission are easy to cause the disorder of human's central nervous system. In this situation, your eye may feel itchy and tired. Third, if you often use computer over-time, the frequent movement of eye and fingers will lead to heavy burden on your mind and physiology. Forth, it will lead to the net synthesis. Fifth, the toxic gases that computer eliminates may be bad for respiratory system. For these situations, control the time of using computers and never let the time more than 10 hours. Rest your eyes for 10-15 minutes per 2 hours. It's a good choice to look into the distant green trees and plants, which may help eye accommodation. Besides, massage round the eyes' chakra in turn or stick hot/cold compress on your eyes to relieve the eye stresses. Last, guarantee enough sleeps in night and try not to stay up. If your condition is allowed, try to eat fresh green vegetables and intake various kinds of vitamins.

  • Yes, they do. Skopko optical accepts most major insurance which cover lots of products. When you plane to take some eyes care or products there, contact the nearest Skopko Eyecare Center for detailed information. Bring your insurance files together when you go there so that you can get your discount. You can get the information of all the Skopko Eyecare Center from its official web.

  • There are many reasons for your recent condition. This condition can mean that your eyes are suffering from strain because that you have spent too much time in front of a computer. Reading books or newspaper usually will not pose the problem. So you should have your eyes rested by shortening the time used before the computer or looking elsewhere for several seconds every 30 minutes when you are working in front of it. If your age is 40 or so, you should have your eyes tested to find whether you get presbyopia or astigmatism. People of this age tend to have problem like that, for their crystalline lenses have deteriorated in flexibility.

  • Yes, you can wear them when you go to the water park. Because colored contact lenses are made of perfect design and have the wonderful quality. They can give you good vision and the cool image because of their special material. But on the other hand, if you want to go to the water, I suggest you should not wear them. As we know that there are many dirty things in the water and they can invade in your contacts. That will made your eyes can be infected easily. Anyway, be careful about it.