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14000 Fairview Dr
Burnsville, MN 55337

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  • Buying eyewear can be very safe if you choose reliable eyeglass stores. At present, more and more people have tried eyeglasses online. If you haven’t, you can have a try. You can also try on eyeglass frames while buying glasses online. almost every eyeglass store offers Try-On system that will help you try on any eyeglass frames you like and see whether it suits you or not. As for high branded eyewear, you can try framesdirect.

  • It does not mater much as long as you do not carry out fierce activity while you are having a picnic. Also, take care not to splash water into your eye. And do not rub or touch your eyes in order to protect your eyes from debris and injury. You can wear safety glasses or sunglasses to help protect your eyes. Enjoy yourself.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get sensitivity to light from a concussion because of the interlinked nerves at the eyes and head parts. Your headache could also cause your eyes problems. You should have the good rest for the eyes. In addition, you could also wear the sunglasses under the sun which could protect your eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights.

  • Well, yes, ear infection can lead to goopy eyes. And according to some researches, when you suffer ear infection, it is possible to have eye infection in some degree. And also, you should know that eye infection will just cause goopy eyes. So that is why some people have goopy eyes when they have ear infection. And goopy eyes can also accompany with red eyes, itchy eyes too. At this moment, you can have wet compresses, and just take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in tepid water. Remember that you should gently compress the affected eye with the wet cloth. Anyway, you can just have a try.

  • Incorrect use of eyes, long term working conditions in near distance, wearing the glasses of higher power.

  • To be honest, depression can cause eye problems indeed. When people get bad mood, they are easy to lead to high pressure in eyes. High pressure sometimes means fatigue and tiredness in eyes. At this time, dizzy, eye pain, cloudy in cornea may occur. Also, depression is one under lying of glaucoma and lazy eye.

  • You can wear contacts even if you have a slight prescription. Just go to your doctor and have an eye exam. He will prescrible the contact lenses that fit you well.

  • Well, it seems that you like tinie tempah quite a lot right ? Yes he is really amazing and attractive, and the type of glasses he would like to wear is large black glasses, not different from what we used to wear. So, as you can see, these black glasses could be found in nearly all optical stores and each pair of them would not bleed you, just prepare 100 dollars and you can handle it.

  • People with photophobia or light sensitivity usually feel discomfort facing with fluorescent lighting. Aimed at this kind of people, transition or tinted eyeglasses and sunglasses are recommended to help them. transition eyeglasses are often made to be clear inside and become darker outside facing the sunlight. They can also be made to be slightly tinted to help people to deal with fluorescent lights. Sunglasses can take the same effect. When you choose a pair of transition or tinted eyeglasses, you should especially pay attention to the darkness and tint. Darkness 1 and a rose tint are recommended to those who have to cope with fluorescent lights.