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  • An eye exam typically takes about an hour, more or less, according to your individual needs. If you are choosing glasses or being fitted for contact lenses, your visit may be longer.

  • The gargoyle sunglasses are made by the company Gargoyles Inc.. It is owned by FGX International which also owns other sunglasses manufacturers and brands, including Foster Grant, Corinne McCormack and Magnivision. The gargoyle sunglasses are made in USA. The average price of them online is about $70 which will not be high as those big brands sunglasses. Their design is so special. The midsize silhouette and sport inspired shapes make them look good without trying too hard. The tactile Gargoyles signal design on inner ear tips can ensure the glasses stay well positioned. Embedded gunmetal logo on temple and smart-hinge guard completes the product details to the full degree. In a word, they look perfect when you wear. And it is worthy to own one.

  • Yeah, of course. You can take your lenses to the glasses store to find frames which fit your lenses. Generally speaking, you need to choose a frame which is smaller than your lenses, because the lenses should be reprocessed to fit the frames.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get blurred vision when you get gallbladder problems. Once you have the problems at the gallbladder, your digestion system will work in disorder which may easily cause your dryness of the eyes which is the main reason for the blurred vision. You should use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes and make eyes get comfortable and moisture.

  • Yes, julianne hough wears the colored contact lenses which is seen once in the television. It is the brown colored contact lenses that she wears. She looks so attractive and charming at the eyes. She is so beautiful. Wearing the colored contact lenses becomes the fashion now. Many people use such accessories to make them look perfect at the whole look.

  • Red eyes can be a sign of a liver disease known as cirrhosis. If you are suffering from the alcoholic liver disease, you have to give up drinking alcohol. Otherwise, you have to risk your life. Once you stop drinking, the red eyes can disappear on themselves as the liver starts to heal itself gradually. Also, red eyes can be caused by infections, trauma or eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, subconjunctival hemorrhage, common cold, corneal scratches. Coughing, sneezing, crying, and lack of sleep can lead to redness in the eyes as well.

  • I have been persisting on doing eye exercise for near one month. I haven't seen any sign of improvement yet. Some people told me that it will take a long time to get a small sign of improvement in our eyesight. And I should persist on doing it though I got some improvement or my eyesight will return to where it was. You can have a try too.

  • It is better to choose glasses that has a similar color with your hair. Brown or dark brown would be OK. Or you can try different colors in the store to find the most suitable color for you.

  • You can choose to buy a piece of hair band that is intended for people when they are doing sports. It is very convenient and there are various kinds both for males and females. You can just put the sports hair band around your head to let the hair be restrained above the band, so that the sweat can not go down along the hair to flow down in your eyes. This is quiet practical and many sports lovers are wearing the hair band. You should choose those hair bands made of air-permeable material in case that the hair band is soaked with sweat making your head uncomfortable.

  • Yea, when a solar eclipse occurs, you watch it without taking any measure, chances are that your eyes are hurt to a great degree. People are prone to under a condition named solar retinopathy in the process of watching a solar eclipse directly with eyes, that is to say, the sun do harm to the retina. Because when the ultraviolet light with high energy strikes the retina, free radicals form. They damage the photoreceptors in the back of the eye form, which allow the eyes to perceive light. As a result, vision decreases or even blindness occurs. Therefore, if you long to watch a solar eclipse, you can take necessary precautions such as projection or wearing specialized sunglasses. Do not take chances on watching a solar eclipse directly anyway.