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Sally Jackula, O.D.

Sally Jackula, O.D.

(320) 281-4787

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1301 33rd St S
Saint Cloud,MN 56301

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  • You can choose daily disposable contact lenses, RGP contacts, tinted contact lenses, etc. if you do not spend time cleaning and storing contact, you can choose daily disposable contact lenses. After wearing it, just throw it. If you often play basketball outside, you can choose tinted sports glasses that can block out strong rays and offer your better comfort. No matter what contact lenses you choose, quality is top priority. ACUVUE is a good brand you can choose.

  • Yes, I think so. Sleeping is good for pink eye. Sleeping could help recovery because during sleeping, your eyes can have a rest. We all have such experience that when we have pink eye, we feel pain in eyes and increased sensitivity to light. So the ophthalmologist would suggest you to have rest as much as possible so that your eyes could have a good rest too. No more exposure to light, no more painful feeling is caused. Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure your hands will not bring more bacteria to your eyes. You could apply some warm and moist compress on eyes, but remember to use different compress for each eye. You can apply some home remedies as eye drops to help clean and moisturizing eyes, which could help reduce discharge and infection.

  • Don't wear your circle lenses too long, because no circle lens will feel as safe and comfortable as your ordinary contact lenses. Your eyes will feel dry and uncomfortable, if you wear them for long periods of time. you should push it over 8 hours. If you wear it for the first time, stay for 3 hours. Then every day onwards increase by 2 hours. in addition, always use it wisely and responsibly/

  • Yes, it is normal to see that. You could see some lights that are called endoptic phenomenon. In other words, they originate from within the eye itself. The blood flow into the eye is temporary interrupted and the pressure is directly applied onto the eyeball, raising the intraocular pressure when you rubbing your eyes. In this case, a postural drop in blood pressure temporarily leads to reduced retinal perfusion and consequent inappropriate retinal activity, producing light spots with color and stars.

  • Our eyes react to the amount of light in our environment. As the amount of light is reduced, the pupils enlarge to allow more light to reach the retina at the back of the eye in an effort to keep vision clear and effective in less than ideal conditions. Reading in low light decreases the ability of the eyes to focus clearly, which causes them to become tired. Many people also blink less frequently under low light, which can cause temporary dryness. Conversely, in bright light, pupils shrink in order to decrease the amount of light reaching the retina. The retina then transmits the light and visual information to the brain, allowing us to see.

  • Well, first, you should know that in most cases, people who have dark circles around the eyes have nothing wrong with kidney problem at all. However, there are also some chronic kidney problems can cause your dark circles under your eyes. In my opinion, you should go and see your GP and have some simple urine and blood tests done. So you can make sure if your symptom is caused by kidney problem or not. And also, stress, and bad life habits can lead to dark circles too. So you can have some Moisturizers containing Vitamin E and K, so that it can lessen the appearance of dark circles. Beside, you can eat some black chocolate which are rich in Lutein and zeaxanthin, which can do a good job to your dark circles and the sight. Also, many kinds of oil, such as the black seed oil are very effective to your dark circles too. Anyway, just have a try.

  • I have known that nerves in brain will strike with unreasonable and excessive using. Eh, it sounds weird. But it is true. Nerves in our brains like main engine control the whole human movements. When the main engine doesn't work, we cannot paly computers any more. Just like that, we can hardly to get well when we feel tired because tired. In details, when nerves that govern our eye movements cannot give clear orders due to tired, our brain will slow down. Naturally, you will not get the eyes tracking on something quickly. Then the proper times to get right images are missed and we are refused to get a single image. In addition, tired not only affects vision, but also affects our body reaction. Tired can cause clouding of consciousness and attention-deficit disorder, then we are easy to hurt ourselves, even loss our life. In addition, eye tired is the basic factor that causes eye problems, such as pink eyes and dry eyes. Good rest is really essential to enjoy.

  • Well, in fact, I do love mirrored sunglasses, because it looks so cool when someone wears it. Actually, mirrored sunglasses are never out of fashion, it's very classic. So you can buy a pair of new mirrored sunglasses in 2012. And there are a lot of fabulous brands for mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban which is famous for mirrored sunglasses, Gucci and Prosun, etc. I am sure you will look very fashionable with mirrored sunglasses.

  • My lashes eye are growing out white they bother me cause I can feel them. Any help. Dr say it's normal.

  • Yes, it normal to get bloodshot eyes after blepharoplasty surgery because of the unstable eye pressure. You should take good care of the eyes. You'd better keep the good diet for food and sleep. You could eat more food with vitamin C and A to make the eyes moisture. In addition, you should have good rest for the eyes.