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Viking Opticians

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109 Doctors Park
Saint Cloud,MN 56303

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109 Doctors Park Saint Cloud,MN 56303

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You've got your own personal style and your eyeglasses should reflect it, too. At Viking Opticians in St. Cloud, Minn., we have the frames that fit your look, whether you wear your glasses all day or need them just for reading or working.You'll love our friendly, personalized service in our relaxed setting. There, you can browse the latest styles in fashionable eyewear. We offer top brands including Silhouette, Tura, Tourneau, Cazal, Police, Liz Claiborne and more. Our sunglasses selection includes Costa Del Mar, Serengeti, Valentino, Nike, Gucci, Jones New York and others. We also offer the newest lens designs, from advanced progressive lenses, to anti-reflective coatings and changeable tints. We specialize in:• Designer brands• Fashion collections• Children's frames• Prescription sunglasses• Non-prescription sunglassesOur experienced staff includes optician Barbara Ruprecht, with more than 15 years of experience, and American Board of Optometry Certified Optician Dick Hommerding, with more than 30 years of experience. For your convenience, we are located in the Eye Surgeons & Physicians Building, with seven eye doctors on site. Call Viking Opticians today for all your eyewear needs.



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  • Usually the popular eyeglasses frames can be seen from the wearers. You could see that a lot of people still wear the nerd eyeglasses with big frame. It is still popular now. If you want to be fashionable, you could try this type. A lot of people like to wear the fashionable glasses with no lenses. They will show their fashion.

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  • The total delivery time for your order is the period of time from when you place your order until the time you receive it. It is comprised of two parts, the processing time and the shipping time.for an item is the time from when you submit your order to when the item leaves the warehouse. For most items, processing time is done electronically and usually completed within 1-2 business days for small parcel and 1-7 days for large items. So it won't take too long.

  • Actually pink eye is not a serious eye problem. Pink eye is called conjunctivitis in another name. It refers to eye inflammation caused by infections or allergic reaction. To cure it, you need to know what caused your pink eye. Conjunctiva is the transparent covering membrane in eyes, to protect eyes from possible damages. Conjunctivitis might be caused by bacterial or viral infection, which is highly contagious. To treat bacterial or viral pink eye, you can have some eye drop medications to treat the infection, like anti-bacterial agents or anti-viral agents. If you have thick secretion in eyes, you should wash your eyes with saline solution or 2%-3% boric acid solution. Warm compress is usually an effective way to treat these two kinds of pink eye. If your pink eye is caused by allergic reaction, then it is not contagious, and it can clear out very soon as long as you get out of touch with the allergen. Wash your eyes immediately to speed up the process.

  • Good solar eclipse glasses filter out all of the harmful ultraviolet and infrared light and almost all of the intense visible light to allow you to view the eclipse safely.If you can't find CE-approved glasses, don't rely on regular sunglasses-they won't protect you. Instead it's worth looking at other techniques, such as pinhole projection.If you have been lucky enough to find a pair of eclipse viewing glasses it is a safe way to view the eclipse directly. They have specialised filters to reduce the sun's rays by 100,000 times. Cheap ones are made of card with very dark plastic material to view through. Check for damage such as holes or scratches before you use them, only undamaged filters are safe.Make sure you put the viewer to your eyes before you look at the Sun.

  • Yellow eyes are a symptom of a condition rather than a condition unto itself. This yellowing of the white of the eye, which can also affect the skin and the mucus membranes, is called jaundice. It happens when red blood cells break down faster than the liver can process them, resulting in a buildup of bilirubin in the bloodstream. There are some home remedies that could treat yellow eyes. Firstly, you should drink plenty of fluids to allow the excretion of the toxins out of your body. And you should intake enough fruits and vegetables daily. Because of the digestion and breakdown of simple sugars facilitate the healing and regeneration process of the liver. And you should take more rest and sleep. With buildup of toxins in your blood stream, it could make you irritable and tend to get tired easily. On the contrary, you should avoid drinking alcohol because it could damage your liver.

  • I know horn rimmed eyeglasses now are very popular. And it looks great on some people. Some people can get pretty look with horn rimmed glasses, some guys get a very handsome look with the glasses. Though the design of horn rimmed glasses are very plain and common, they actually look flattering on a lot of faces. If you like it, you shouldn't concern about what people will say about your glasses. If horn rimmed glasses flatter you, you will be cool wearing it. Or it maybe tacky.

  • Well, it seems that you are quite interested in this particular field right? So, as a matter of fact, there are lots of ways to distinguish between both of them. Anyway, here I recommend analyzing the discharge of the eyes. Generally speaking, viral conjunctivitis generate some thin and water like discharge, but bacterial conjunctivitis could lead to a lot of thick discharge. But you still need to do some clinical analysis in the hospital to identify the type ok?

  • When the eyes keep throbbing, you should take great notice of it. There must be the eye disease for you. You'd better go to see the doctor and have the full check. I think the professional treatment suggested by the doctor may help your eyes stop throbbing. Keep in mind of the eyes care and good habit of hygiene.

  • Clip on glasses are the type of glasses that come with two parts, one for vision correction and the other for sunlight blocking. Usually the base pair is one with prescribed lenses and the extra pair pure shades. The magnatics or clips on the frames of the base pair make it possible to clip the extra pair upto the base pair whenever protection from sunlight is needed.