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Apple Valley Eye Care

Apple Valley Eye Care

(952) 392-9766

Category: Eye Doctor

7789 147th St W
Saint Paul,MN 55124

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7789 147th St W Saint Paul,MN 55124

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Welcome to Apple Valley Eye Care Services, offering comprehensive eye care services for the entire family in Apple Valley, Minnesota and the surrounding townships. You can expect to receive the highest quality professional services, all with a personal touch. We're the optometrists of choice for all our patients, who know what better care looks like. We specialize in: \u2022 Eye exams\u2022 Eye care emergencies and accidents\u2022 Glasses, bifocals and contacts \u2022 Refractions\u2022 Pre- and post-op laser surgery careTrust Apple Valley Eye Care Services to give you the eye treatment you've been waiting for. We're the experts in eye care. Our experience and expertise ensures your eye exam and prescription goes smoothly. We can also help you any number of more serious eye problems. We can also help you get the laser surgery you might be interested in. Our staff is always friendly and obliging. We're here for you, whatever your troubles may be. For more information about our offices, call us today to learn more about scheduling an appointment!




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  • That depends on whether or not you already wear prescription eyeglasses. There are readily made computer glasses available in drug stores, but you can never pick them up easily without asking yourself if they are for you. Due to the fact that the vision range required for computer screen is about an arm's length, the focal length should be about 2/3 of the reading length. Presbyopia and myopia sufferers should get their glasses prescribed while healthy wearers needn't.

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