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Capital Family Eye Clinic


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941 Payne Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55130-4003

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General Impression:

My whole family gets their eyes checked here. We have been going here for many years. I started going when I was in middle school. I am in college now and still see her. Dr. See is nice and they have lots of glasses to choose from. We can always get in when we want an eye exam. This is good place to go. I recommend her to all my friends.

02/13/2016 BY Ma Vang

General Impression:

Love Dr. Se! Will be going back. She's so nice. :) I didn't know I couldn't see that good until she showed me. Can't wait to get my glasses. She had a lot of frames to choose from and after trying on almost every frame in the store I found one I liked.

10/20/2015 BY

General Impression:

It's back to school time and we were looking for a place to take the kids. I am a strong supporter of local business so we found Capital Family Eye Clinic which was just a few miles from where we live n St Paul. I was surprised when we went in because the doctor was Hmong American. I was impressed by how clean and professional the office was. While in the waiting room I noticed that there were two Hmong patients there who didn't speak English. They were very old and couldn't fill out their paperwork. The receptionist helped them fill out their paperwork. The doctor was able to speak Hmong flutently with them. When it was my son's turn I went in with him. Dr. Se answered all my questions and helped my son feel more comfortable with the whole exam. She took her time and examined his eyes thoroughly. When I asked her how long she has been an eye doctor she said over 10 years. Then I sat in on my daughter's eye exam. Again, I was very happy with how patient she was with my daughter. My son had good eyes and didn't need glasses but my daughter did need some glasses for school. I'm glad I brought them in to see her. I can't say enough about how professional this place is. I am going to bring my mother in to see her. I am happy that there is a local place like this that we can bring our family too. Thanks Dr. Se. We will be back again next year.

08/18/2015 BY ChaMeng Vang

General Impression:

This was my first time at Capital Family Eye Clinic. Dr. Se Xiong is a caring eye doctor. I had lots of questions and she took the time to answer all my questions. She is very professional and smart. I will recommend her to my friends and family. I bought some cute glasses from there and they were in my price range. After reading the other review I knew I had to write down my experience. I will go there again! Also, Molly was very helpful with choosing frames.

08/13/2015 BY Nancy Yang

General Impression:

There were many eye clinics and options I could have chose to go but because Dr. Se Xiong just recently opened up her business in Saint Paul especially right in the Hmong community, I thought that it would be great to go there since I am Hmong American and knowing that I would be supporting her growing eye clinic business. I walked in as a new patient and was very positive that I would receive great service in requesting new eye exam for getting new glasses.

Unfortunately, the glasses and frames itself at Capital Family Eye Clinic were far more expensive compared to most eye clinics. After my eye exam which was conducted at a fair rate, I chose not to get glasses from Capital Family Eye Clinic and chose to get glasses elsewhere with my prescriptions so that I can purchase it according to my own budget.

With that, when I received my glasses, it was not as I expected because it made my vision even worse than my old glasses (which I had lost hence getting the new glasses). The eye doctor at the clinic where I got my glasses, suggested me to go back and talk to my eye doctor at Capital Family Eye Clinic and see if I could get a re-examination since my lens were not as strong. She even offered a kind gesture to contact Dr. Se Xiong and discuss my eye problems & history.

As I proceed to do so, I went back and talked to Dr. Se Xiong. Her response to my re-examination was unexpected and left me more than upset. Dr. Se Xiong was not willing to do a re-exam and she clearly pointed out that because I chose not to get glasses from her eye clinic, she is not able to help me any further. She did not want to conversate with the eye doctor of where I got my glasses and did not want to cooperate on getting better glasses for me. I appointed her about customer satisfation and she only argued her point of paying for another re-examination at full price for new prescription if I wanted reconsideration. I was very upset because I know my insurance would not cover andother eye exam. Dr. Se Xiong was not cooperating at all and she demanded for me to talk to her supervisor.

I expected Dr. Se Xiong to handle this situation professionally and instead she argued about how she is not making any profit off of me as a patient. This left me very disapointed and I want to make sure others are aware that Dr. Se Xiong and Capital Eye Clinic has falsely advertised their business.

According to their philosophy stated on their website: "At Capital Family Eye Clinic, LLC, we spend the personal time to examine your eyes and work with you to ensure the best fit in terms of quality, appearance and functionality" is a statement they totally treated me as a patient opposite.

This is my first & last experience at Capital Family Eye Clinic!

01/07/2014 BY anonymous

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