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Romanelli Optix (Kansas City, MO)


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7112 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO

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Talk about a price ripoff. Bought a pair of Kamal's in San Francisco, $150.00, same glasses, same style, same color, $360.00. Went back to San Francisco had a pair custom made for $180.00.. High pressure. They think they can charge an eye and a leg because of large selection, but not if you're a savvy shoper

03/30/2014 BY ron

General Impression:

Help put these con artists out of business. High grossing, overcharging high pressure sales people who are foreigners.
The owners even got in trouble back in Lawrence in 1997. Google it.

08/06/2012 BY Al Harris

General Impression:

Its worth the trip

02/21/2011 BY Omar

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  • If it is not serious and you can still see fine, you can use some anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent it from getting infected. It would be better several days later. If you have blurry vision, you should see a doctor immediately.

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  • There is no cure for viral red eye. Recovery can begin within days, although the symptoms frequently get worse for the first three to five days, with gradual improvement over the following one to two weeks for a total course of two to three weeks. Some people experience morning crusting that continues for up to two weeks after the initial symptoms, although the daytime redness, irritation, and tearing should be much improved.

  • I have never heard that.How can reading glasses help with ur nearsightedness.In terms of me,I think wear reading glasses is really a very uncomfortable thing.Once I wear them for a little bit longer.I will even get a headache.Do u think this symptom can be a good indication of ur recovery?If u want to improve ur myopia or just want to improve ur nearsightedness.I strongly suggest u to wear ur normal glasses most of ur time.I am sure this will help a lot.

  • The most popular remedy for plastic lens scratches is a glass-etching product called Armor Etch. Armor Etch removes the anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings on plastic lenses, leaving the original plastic lens intact. Because it is a glass-etching chemical, it does not affect plastic but must not be used on glass lenses. Other abrasive products like cleansers also remove the lens coatings without harming the original plastic lens beneath. Care must be taken to not change the thickness of the surface as it is cleaned and polished. Any product or procedure that changes the surface of an eyeglass lens can also change the refraction and effectiveness of that lens.

  • Of course yes, it can be used as eyewash. Minims saline is single-use eye drops containing sodium chloride 0.9%. This is a solution of salt in water at the same concentration as is found normally in the body. This kind of eye drops have no physiological effect, they are simply used to wash out irritants, harmful substances or superficial foreign bodies from the eye. If there is any solution left in the minim after use it should be discarded and not kept for future use, as it is likely to become contaminated with dirt or germs. Like other eye drops, your vision may be blurred after dropping the drops in. It has another function that is useful with hard and soft contact lenses.

  • Rub Vaseline under your eyes.

  • Well, first, I have to say that it is possible to have painful eyes when you eat too much sugar. Also, you need know that eating sugar may also cause burning eyes in some degree. So that can be a normal situation. To relieve your pain in the eyes, first, you should stop eating sugar. And then you can put some cool ice or cool cucumbers on your eyes to have some cold compresses, and then, just repeat them. Also, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables which provide lots of antioxidants, especially vitamins A and C can be a good option. Anyway, you can just have a try.

  • If the eye drops are only used for re-wetting and lubricating,it is safe to use.But you should be careful with antihistamine eye drops for allergies.

  • I can share my experience with you here.I went in for the "2 for $149" promotion. They were not ready in the promised 1 hour, though. So, I went in the next day and picked-up only one pair of glasses. Both lens in the 2nd pair were scratched. I was promised they would be ready in a month. Back to that first pair: within a week of wearing them, I discovered a nose pad was missing - hopelessly lost. This was within ONE WEEK! cheap prices = cheap glasses