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  • Yes, what your mom says is right. Smoking could cause your yellowing of the eyes because of the damage on the liver. When you find that the color of the eyes is changed, you should take great notice. You may have the problems at the whole body. You need to take the medical care to treat it. You should not smoke too much. Or else, it will be so bad for your health.

  • Normally speaking, it will not hurt your baby’s eyes at all, because the pee is a kind of body fluid of your baby, if your baby is wholesome and health, the pee is harmless and natural without chemical staff. You just need some clean water to wash his eyes and weep the excessive water with clean towel, even the eye drop is no need. When your baby cry, all the residual pee will wash out from his eyes. No worries at all!

  • Some people have something called night myopia. For night driving they have glasses with more negative lenses than their daytime ones. Ask your optician about lenses with an anti reflective coating

  • Well, so sorry to hear that your eye socket pains a lot. It could be resulted from a lot of reasons. It might be derived from sinus infection. Also,it could also be resulted from an eye strain. So, you have to figure out the possible causes first so that you could find a way to treat it. Also, try to pay more attention and protect your eyes in every aspect, such as diet and sleep.

  • It is really hard to choose as neither of them is a good choice for you. For me, I would choose contacts cuz the big goggles on my face would always stop me from moving freely and I can't see clearly through edge of the lens.

  • Why do I get a kaliedescope vision in one or both eyes

  • No, in fact, it does not work on pink eye. As we all known, pink eye is one most common eye problem that is caused by a virus or bacteria. It would go away after one week. Lime juice does not helpful for curing pink eye, even it could irritate your eyes and cause pain because of its acids ingredient. In order to treat pink eye, you should always clean and keep your hands clean thus not spread the pink eye to the other eye or people, not to rub your eyes as well. And you should drop some eye drops based on the eye doctor's advice.

  • There is no fault to beautify ourselves. Someone will makeup themselves with eyeliners. Unfortunately, most of women feel burning for the eyes. There are so many reasons: Firstly, maybe some women are sensitive to the eye makeup, or regular powder eye shadow bothers your skin, your eyes. For this condition, you should lessen or avoid to makeup eyeliner, sure, you could choose some hypoallergenic makeup to reduce the bad feeling. Secondly, maybe you are getting it too close to your eye and it's going in. So, you should take care your eyes when you makeup. And also that maybe you need to makeup usually in your life, that will be better for long time. You may use the eye drops to improve the situation, and meanwhile, do not rub your eyes with your hands. Best wishes for you, may become more beautiful.

  • Since you are not nervous or tense, the problem may not be so serious. The twitching eyes must be caused by the not hygiene condition. There must be the sands or the dusts in your eyes. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom now and then see whether it is released.

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