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Center For Advanced Eye Care

Center For Advanced Eye Care

(775) 882-9123

Category: Optical Stores

1104 N Division St
Carson City,NV 89703

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No Stitch,No Patch,No Needle,Laser Vision Correction,Diabetic Retinopathy and Other Diseases of The Retina,Call for A Complimentary Laser Vision Consultation,Board Certified Ophthalmologists

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  • It is quite common for computer workers to suffer from eye pain and dry eyes. When they stare at the computer screens for a long time without seeing other things and blinking your eyes as you usually do, their eyes will hurt when they look at the distance suddenly. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes from time to time and blink your eyes intently to moisten your eyes. Or you can look at the distance or close your eyes to take a rest for a few minutes. Hope this helped!

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  • Reading glasses can be made gold, acctually you can choose the color of frame you like (gold), and put the lenses of your prescription into the chosen frame. This will ensure you a pair of gold reading glasses.

  • No, it is not true. Although the toothpaste has the role of calming the skin, it will not reduce the dark circles under the eyes which are caused by the lack of good blood circulation or the bad sleep. You should use the oil essentials to reduce the dark circled under eyes to make the skin become smooth and bright.

  • When you get the shingles around the eyes, you will look so ugly that a lot of bubbles at the skin around your eyes. It is such a serious eyes problems and skin problems. You'd better stay at home and accept the treatment. At the same time, you'd better have the good rest for the eyes with no cigarettes and alcohols. You should drink more water to keep the eyes moisture.

  • Yes, as we all know that dark circles beneath the eyes are ugly and everyone wants to hide them. Of course, many people hide them by making-up, but you know the chemicals in the cosmetic will hurt our skin, so we should think about some ways to do it without makeup. Now and here we will tell you some easy ways to high the annoying dark circles. On one hand, you just need mix a paste with a teaspoon of tomato juice, half teaspoon of lemon juice, and a pinch of tumeric powder. Then you just use the mixture to the area on your dark circles for about 15 mins. After that, you will surprisingly find that the dark circles are lighter and lighter. On the other hand, if your dark circles are not heavy, you can just massage the area around your eyes with the almond oil before you going to bed. At the same time, you can try to mix ground almonds and milk and use them beneath your eyes for 5 minutes when you get up every morning.

  • Dear, sometimes we will get pain behind our eyes caused by eye strain. If we use our eyes for a long time, we may feel the pain around our eyes and sometimes even in our eyes. We couldn't feel the pain when we were working because we focused our attention on our work. But after finishing the work, we lay down for some rest and felt the pain behind our eyes and other part of our body.

  • NO, it is impossible to get black eyes from wisdom removal. In fact, teeth have no connection with a black eyes. And people my got black eyes from a hit by others, or they got a injury in accident. So, teeth removal shall not responsible for your black eyes. You shall know what happened to your eyes. If you can’t find any causes that response for your black eyes, you shall consult an eye doctor because it may caused by some serious diseases or eye infection etc.

  • The sandalwood oil's appearance is light yellow, green or brown liquid which has the sweet, gentle and massive wood smell. It's true that the individual who are born with thinner skins under their eyes often expose the dark veins underneath and they appear as dark circles. And some persons who have dark circles may sleep very late and face to computer for a long time everyday. So it may be effective, what's more, you can put pieces of potato on your dark circles. it is very good. But it is important for you to stick on use it for your eyes, and it would not basically solve your problem but the indirect help.