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Buena Vision Optometry

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Category: Eye Doctor

6134 W Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108

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  • If you get chronic eye strain, you will cause other many eye problems. Your eyes may easily get dry. The redness of the eyes will make you feel not comfortable. The basic serious result is the episcleritis which you need to pay attention to. You need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom.

  • Yes, poppers does cause many eye problems including blurred vision, sore eyes, and even vision loss. When you opened the bottle of poppers, the vapors from it are inhaled by you and makes a rush in you. But that's temporary. It is reported that some patients have damages on their the foveal receptor which is a small part of your rectina helps to detailed images. You can avoid your eyes from being touched by the vapor or replace poppers with other drugs.

  • Aviator sunglasses are very cool.The best aviator sunglasses are Randolph? Pilot Sunglasses.These outstanding pilot sunglasses deliver exceptional performance and are affordable on practically any budget. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen, each pair are meticulously manufactured to the highest standards.They have advantages of extraordinary durability,eye comfort and increased visual acuity.The price is from $100-$200,it's acceptable.

  • People who only get presbyopia can get reading glasses without a prescription. My mom got a pair of reading glasses without a prescription from over the counter recently. And the reading glasses can help her see better while reading.

  • how long after surgery will the bend down restriction last?

  • Usually we won't get a sharp pain in our eyes. But if you are suffering from corneal abrasions, you may have a sharp pain in your eyes. Doctor said that there are a low percentage of people who can recover from corneal abrasions without special treatment. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked thoroughly by a professional doctor.

  • Pink eye is also called conjunctivitis. It’s an infectious and contagious eye condition that affects the fluids and moist tissues that cover the eyeball and line the inner eyelid. According to different symptoms, pink eyes can be divided into viral pink eye and bacterial pink eye. The differences between them will be listed following. Firstly, viral pink eye is the most common cause of pink eye and can originate from a variety of viruses. Viral pink eye is highly contagious and can result in epidemics. But bacterial pink eye is caused by a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections are the leading cause of children being absent from school or daycare. Secondly, in most cases, viral pink eye requires no treatment and will generally run begin to clear within three to five days. However, bacterial pink eye requires treatment and depending on the severity of the infection, the symptoms can last weeks. Of course, there are other differences between them.

  • Botulinum toxin is a protein and neurotoxin may cause botulism, a serious and life-threatening illness in humans and animals. However, the side effects of botulinum toxin which are generally minor and temporary. Broadly speaking, botulinum toxin which has two major areas of side effects: paralysis of the wrong muscle group and allergic reaction. Eye irritation is most commonly due to bacteria infection and allergic. So it is possible that botulinum toxin can causes eye irritation. No any rubbing and scratching eyes with hands before going to see a doctor.

  • I do have allergy with metal frames

  • I returned a tv to for a refund. how longs does this take?