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10929 Mill Cove Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89134-7214

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  • I can see that you have got some trouble recently, dry eyes could be generated by a lot of reasons, such as a lack of sleep, less blink of eyes, or some infections with your eyes. If you constantly have dry eyes, then you should figure out what precisely resulted in that problem. Here I got some advice for you. First of all, try to blink more and get sufficient water. Second, try to have breaks during business hours or entertainment hours. Also, try to get a healthier diet and take some vitamin pills. If the problem does not change, then a doctor would be necessary.

  • Maybe you could, but don't do that. There are a large number of microorganisms in water when you are swimming or diving. It's easy for your eyes to get infection or irritation. Hence, the eye risk would associate with the health risk. However, you could use some ways to avoid the contact lenses touch the water directly, if you have to wear the contact lenses in water. Firstly, the protective goggle is the most effective way to protect your contact lenses in water. It could prevent microorganisms from outside and keep your contact lenses in the right place when you encounter waves or water splashes. Or you should choose soft and disposable contact lenses, which has larger circumference to firmly stick to your eyes, and it could decrease the water pressure to your eyes.

  • I paid the $129.00 for my new glasses at Costco, that includes the new digital poly-carbonate progressive lenses with their standard AR, (which I was told compares to a mid range Crizal product). Didn't pay for an upgrade on AR or lenses materials, and extra coatings like hydrophobic, EMR/scotch guard/teflon (you know) were either not available or not offered to me. It concerned me that they did not have a company or brand name of the lens manufacturer or AR. I like to investigate before buying. My previous pair was purchased at Binyon's, progressives upgraded to Trivex or Varilux, not sure now and paid extra for their AR: ClearShield used to have Eagle Vsion 4.0 which I liked better, but they were fine. All said and done I paid the same for 2 pair of progressive glasses at Costco as I did at Binyons for one pair, even with a 50% coupon. The frames alone are twice the price! But Costco's selection is not as vast. Hope this help for you.

  • If you have a square face, you'd better not to wear square sunglasses, otherwise it will make your face look more strange. In addition, you should not choose the sunglasses which are too round, because it can let your face shorter. So you can buy a pair of sunglasses whose hemline are round, such ad aviator sunglasses, which can help you modify your face and make you have a perfect-shaped face. For the color of lenses, you can choose black or brown, if you need specific details, you can go to the eyeglasses store and try it on in person.

  • It seems that you are very interested in andy sixx , who is an American heavy metal singer. And of course, to a large extent, he is famous for his weird image. Anyway, I should tell you that he has blue eyes originally, but sometimes he would wear some strange contact lenses in order to appear more weird and attractive. You could get those special effects contact lenses at Amazon or Alibaba, where you could see more options at affordable prices.

  • Squint is a term indicating two eyes are not pointing the same direction. When you find that someone looks at something with his eyes partly closed, you should know he has the squint. Also, when you are exposed in the sunshine, you think your eyes feel uncomfortable,and you should know there is some relationship between your eyes with the squint eyes. In addition, someone call the squint "glancing sideways". For example, when you look away or askance something that you do not like, you will squint it (pls note the squint is not a disease here but just a verb to show someone's emotion). Nevertheless, some people are willing to squint because squinting can help them look clear.

  • I strongly recommend you to wear prescription sports glasses because they can offer you better eye protection than sports contact lenses. Both prescription spots glasses and contact lenses can make you see clearly. However, prescription sports glasses not only offer clear vision but also protect you from accident dangers. As we know. Sports can be dangerous and sports glasses can prevent debris and dust and other particles getting into your eyes. So choose sports glasses.

  • There are many kinds of nutrition contained in wheat germ oil, such as vitamin E, vitamin B1, protein and various kinds of minerals. Wheat germ is the core of wheat. It is the so called bank of nutrition. I believe the wheat germ oil could definitely help reduce dark circles. Yet I don't thing just simply apply it on the skin is enough. You still need to massage the skin to help absorb the nutrition and help invigorate the blood circulation there. Although wheat germ oil is very good, yet good sleeping is more essential to the brightness of your skin. Go to bed early and have a good sleep, you would be surprised that you look refreshed with rosy skin. Hope this could be helpful to you.

  • If you feel there is something stuck in your eye or you get red, swollen, and watery eye, you may have got an eye infection. Itchy eyes may also be caused by eye infection. So you'd better go to see an eye doctor to have a careful check and see whether you have got an eye infection.

  • Sea buckthorn grows in Europe and Asia, and the sea buckthorn oil actually is extracted from the fruit and the seeds of sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil have a great benefits for our human as follows: 1. Seabuckthorn oil contains a lot of nutrition, such as vitamins A, so that it can help our human body improve immune function. 2. The seabuckthorn oil contains some anti-inflammatory substances, which is benecial for gastrointestinal health. 3. It also contains Anti-Cancer Properties which can strengthens the body's resistance to resist cancer. 4. Because of the seabuckthorn oil contains a lot of nutrition, it is also used as cream to decrease winkless.