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Elite Eye Care

(702) 648-1515

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7775 S Rainbow Blvd # 110,
Las Vegas, NV 89139

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Beautiful office! Amazing, friendly staff!! Knowledgeable, personable doctors! This office is 5 stars all the way!!!!!
I love their selection of eye wear- Tom Ford, Gucci, Oakley, Rayban!! I was quoted 7 business days for my glasses, but got them in 2 days! I love my glasses! This is the clearest I have ever seen!!!!

10/05/2014 BY TA

General Impression:

We can definately take care if this problem!. Please call our office and talk to our manager or stop in anytime. If you just got the frame and it's defective we will make sure you get a new one.

12/27/2011 BY Dr. Tamara Gutierrez

General Impression:

The exam was good. Dr. Guitierrez was nice but unfortunately there's more to optometry than just the exam. After spending upwards of $300 for a new pair of Gucci frames I picked them up today and they're clearly used and damaged. I called 15 minutes after leaving the store (once I saw them in full light) and the response I received was "I don't know what to tell you, they're literally brand new." Of course, I'm a liar and have nothing better to do with my time. Wrong. They are not brand new, they are damaged, and I paid good money for a nice pair of frames and these are garbage. Instead of an "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, let me fix this right away for you!" response, I got "Well I guess you can come back in and maybe I'll see what you see." Oh gee! Thanks! Let me take another hour out of my day to fix a problem you guys should've handled in the first place! Whatever happened to the 'customer is always right' mantra that businesses are supposed to follow? With businesses like that, I say don't waste your time or money.

12/19/2011 BY Dezzeree

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  • OK, from what you said, I can see that you are quite allergic to dust mites, which is one of the most common sources of allergic reactions in the world. And I still remember I used to get infected because of that annoying stuff, which gave me a lot of troubles. Because it triggers some nerves in your eyes and nose, leading to some Allergy symptoms. Now you just need to see a doctor and follow his advice and pay attention to your eye health.

  • Well, there are so many reasons can cause this problem. In most cases, it can be from medical or your own eyes. Medical problems including low blood pressure, irregular heart beat. If is your eyes problem, then there are so many reasons. If you feel dry eyes, painful, itch, or your eyes look red, then your eyes may catch eye diseases, such as pink eye. If you feel nothing wrong with your eyes, then you may be myopia. Since the reason is so complicated, so I suggest go to see the doctor.

  • Though soft contacts are comfortable to wear, hard contacts can give us a better vision. So some people would choose the hard ones.

  • So people can tell if they are blind or not.

  • I have heard that it is better to wear glasses a little lower than your prescription degree,but too weak for your eye sight obviously will not do good to your eyes.

  • It is fine if you don't choose over- exaggerated glasses.

  • As far as contacts go, there is an infectious/inflammatory process occurring in/around your eyes, so it's best to not wear the could end up with a corneal infection. See your eye doctor to resolve the issue and get an updated pair of glasses--never know when you'll need them.

  • Well, first, you should know that the cornea is a protective domed layer of clear tissue covering the front of the eye. According to some experts, if you have corneal edema, the cornea becomes overly hydrated by accumulated fluid. In common, some symptoms such as blurred vision, visual disturbance will occur, when you have corneal edema. One of the major ways to treat corneal edema is to pinpoint the cause of the condition and treat it under the care of an eye doctor. In common, if it's caused by an eye infection, you can take some eye drops to treat the infection. Also, if the problems are related to contact lenses, you can just console it with your doctor, and he can give you some advices. For the causes, it includes infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes, trauma, poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse of contact lenses. Anyway, you should pay more attention to it.

  • Well, looks like there is something wrong with your eyes, because as you can see, vick is a chemical product designed to help with our life. Anyway, you should try not to rub your eye for that leads to infections. Also, you should get plenty of clean water to flush them out. If necessary, try to visit a doctor and be careful with your eyes.

  • The postoperative thickness of cornea stroma could not be allowed to lower than 250 micrometer, or the cornea will be too thin to stand the inner pressure of eyeball and swell outwards, the successive symptom will be keratoconus. So we must require the thickness of cornea before operation over 410 micrometers, and no matter which kind of Lasik surgery, this number of 410 micrometer is the lowest rate to start. The stronger prescription, the more cornea stroma will need to cut. The more thickness of the cornea, the more safety level of the surgery will be. Just now, you have not mentioned the actual details of your prescription before the surgery, so I have no mean to get the answer if you could accept this surgery. It is a important surgery for your eyes, so I suggest you go to the regular major hospital to check carefully before the treatment.