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2261 S Rainbow Blvd
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2261 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas,NV 89146

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  • About Eyes & Optics


This is the first place to shop when looking for interesting eyeglasses, not the boring stuff you find in the malls and other optometry offices.  Dr. Edward Malik and the staff at Eyes & Optics have spent the last 22 years developing the finest big city optical shop in Las Vegas.  The shop is listed in Best Places to Shop, and has been featured in Exclusively Las Vegas,944, Luxury Las Vegas, and Vegas Magazine.  Featured designers include Chrome Hearts, Emilio Pucci, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli, Tag Heuer, Fred Paris, Initium, Salt, Kaenon Polarized, and Dillon Optics. On site master opticians are available in our private Zeiss Expert lab.  We can custom make any frame you can imagine from many exotic materials.  Just bring in a picture or drawing.  Visit our other location, Oculus Ltd in Caesars Palace.  Concierge service, specialty contact lens fitting, Celebrity and VIP clients.


Established in 1987

After working many years in the optical business on the West Coast, and after years spent in the music business, Optometrist, Dr. Edward Malik established Eyes and Optics in Las Vegas to bring the big city feel to town with all the best artists working in eyeglass design.  The idea was an immediate success and Eyes & Optics continues to offer the latest launches first.  This year, the debut of Dillon Optics and Initium are clear winners.  By invitation from Caesars Palace, Dr. Malik established Oculus Fine Opticians in Appian Way Shops offering the finest optical and sunglasses in the world.  This year, Dr. Malik was listed in "Top Optometrists in America"  for his work with specialty contact lenses and technology.  The practice was the first in Las Vegas to offer Optomap Retinal Imaging in order to provide the most comfortable and thorough exam possible.

Meet the Business Owner: Edward M.

Edward Malik was born in Boston where he studied music, TV and theatre production, and built a working renegade radio station in his backyard.  After arriving in Las Vegas in 1976, Malik attended UNLV, earning degrees in psychology and chemistry, and helped debut KUNV-FM, the country's best rated college jazz station, and played drums with the power pop group, Tomboy.  After college, Malik moved to Los Angeles to attend Optometry school, and began working at the hippest eyeglass shops on the beach.  He received his doctorate in Optometry in 1987 after publishing his thesis on robotic vision systems.  Once he arrived back in Las Vegas, he immediately began plans to establish the best, hippest optical shop in town, and Eyes & Optics opened in 1988, followed soon by Shade Brigade Sunglass Company and Oculus Ltd in Caesars Palace.  Malik resides in Red Rock Canyon where he is producer and drummer for the critically acclaimed jam band, Melancholics.

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General Impression:

do you do the dropball test (optical lenses) for the FDA ?
i'm importing optical lenses form south korea.
and need a certification for the dropball test.

how long its gonna be?
and how much does the cost?

04/08/2013 BY april

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  • When you have pink eye, you should not use mascara. Actually, Mascaras have a short shelf time after their first use, so you cannot use them for too long. After a long time of use, a large amount of bacteria and viruses may be accumulated on the brush of the mascara. This may cause eye infection and deteriorate your pink eye. The first thing you should do as soon as you have the sign of pink eye is to throw away your old cosmetics that directly touch eyes such as mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. After your eyes have recovered, you should not use mascara or other eye cosmetics for more than 3 months to prevent potential eye problems. There are also some people who just wash and disinfect the brush of the mascara and use it again after the recovery. However, this is not recommended for the sake of safety.

  • Yes, cold will cause your eye irritation. When you get cold, you will find that your immune system will decline. Your eyes may feel dry easily which will easily cause the eye irritation. You should drink more water. At the same time, you need to cure your cold first. Then you could do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

  • There is no any doubt that allergies cause crusty eyes. Allergies often cause eyes to water, which can lead to a crusty formation around the eyes. Commonly allergies may be accompanied by coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sinus congestion headaches, itchy throat and red, swollen itchy eyes. The eyes are the fist react to allergies, so they are often occur disorders faster than other organs.

  • rimless glasses can get broken easily because the screws sit directly on the lenses, so you need to tighten your glasses regularly so that they would not get loosed. when you are not using them, put them in their case. Stuffing them in a pocket or purse is an invitation to scratching or other serious damage.

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  • Yes, it is very possible to get the eye infection because of sharing mascara. There may be the bacterium left on the mascara, especially used by the people with pink eyes. Thus, you'd better use your own mascara, not sharing with other friends. The eyes are so weak which may get infection so easily through the bacterium.

  • It may be caused by the wrong prescription. The lens may be centered incorrectly, or whoever made the lenses may have misread the prescription. You are getting nauseous because the refraction is wrong. Get them checked against the prescription card where they were made, or go to another optometrist and get another test and prescription and compare them.