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iFocus Vision Center

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9484 W Flamingo RdSte 280
Las Vegas,NV 89147

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9484 W Flamingo RdSte 280 Las Vegas,NV 89147

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Dr. Vivienne Velasco is a residency trained optometrist who opened iFocus Vision Center in 2009. iFocus Vision center offers comprehensive exams for patients as young as 6 months old. We do exams for glasses, contacts, specialty contacts (keratoconus, corneal transplant patients, multifocal), emergency red eye including foreign body removal, glaucoma management, retinal photography, surgery pre-and post-op management and prosthetic eyes. There is an onsite lab so we can do many jobs within a day.

Many insurances accepted! VSP, Davis Vision, EyeMed, UMR, United Health Services, Medicaid, Amerigroup, MES, Vision Benefits of America, Superior Vision and more.


Established in 2009

Dr. Velasco has been practicing in Las Vegas since she graduated from the Southern California College of Optometry in 2005. She completed her residency in ocular disease and low vision at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Las Vegas in 2006. She opened iFocus Vision Center because she wanted to provide the best care and service to the people in Las Vegas. She wanted to have a place where patients felt relaxed and non-pressured and where they felt like there were well taken care of.

iFocus Vision Center is a place where you can bring the whole family. We have a great selection of frames to fit any budget including safety glasses, sports safety frames and sunglasses. We accept most insurances.

Meet the Business Owner: Vivienne V.

Dr. Vivienne Velasco graduated from the Southern California College of Optometry in 2005 and completed her residency in Ocular Disease and Low Vision in 2006 at the Veterans Affairs Clinic in Las Vegas. Since then she has been providing quality care to patients all over the Las Vegas valley. She fulfilled her dream of owning her own optometry practice by opening iFocus Vision Center in 2009. Since then she has worked hard to provide the best care to her patients.

When she isn't working hard at the practice, she is playing hard! She loves to play volleyball in her spare time. She participates in indoor and outdoor volleyball leagues all over the valley. She also likes to run 5K's and half marathons.

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  • It also happens to me when I read for a long time,it is not nearsightedness.You just need to relax your eyes.

  • Normally, the most important thing you can do is to clear your eyes with saline twice or three times a day, and then to drain the water of edge with clean clothes. Also, you can use suitable eye drops to get rid of eye redness. But if your red eyes become more terrible you'd better see a doctor I suppose.

  • Well, good for you. So, as a matter of fact, you should know that subconjunctival hemorrhage is only a symptom, not a disease. Actually, there are a lot of diseases and disorders that could give rise to subconjunctival hemorrhage. However, if one person gets subconjunctival hemorrhage, his eyes will appear to have got a red spot in the eyes, which is very awful and serious. Your classmate needs to get some immediate medical care before it is too late.

  • Yes, computer glasses must have anti-reflective coating so as to protect the eyes from reflective lights from computer screen. So, before you order the glasses, you should ask the sellers is the computer glasses are made of anti-reflective coating lenses. If yes, you needn't add anti-reflective-coating. If not, you have to choose anti-reflective coating so as to give your eyes better eye protection.

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  • Well, glaucoma cause double vision indeed. Glaucoma will damage the optic nerve , which carries information from the eye to the brain, is in the back of the eye. There are three types of glaucoma: open-angle glaucoma, closed-angle glaucoma and congenital glaucoma. Different types of glaucoma have different symptoms. If you have open-angle glaucoma, you are likely to notice is loss of vision. Side vision is often lost before central vision. And have red eyes ,have pain around eyes, watery eyes and sensitivity to light are all symptoms. Here is a site that can help you know more about glaucoma.

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  • I got this in my first pregnancy, I had been to the eye doctor and he said that it was just normal wear and hormone changes during the pregnancy. Dear friend, eye floaters are pretty common. I think that they are not really anything to worry about. But if you have a lot then you should go and see an eye doctor, because you may need some treatment. Sometimes eye floaters are a sign of a serious condition. If the eye floaters are caused by retinal detachment, retinal tear or bleeding within the eye, you must see an eye doctor right away.