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Larsen Eric OD

(702) 259-3937

Category: Eye Doctor

7324 W Cheyenne Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89129

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***** Uncaring & Incompetent – Look Elsewhere *****

Below are the problems I have encountered with Dr. Larsen, OD (AKA, Professional Eye Care Center and Larsen Larsen and Starlin LLC). I have been a patient and customer for several years.

My general opinion is that neither the office staff or Dr. Larsen doesn't care. He refuses to acknowledge that there are problems in his office that start with him. The order taker didn't care to call me back which would have cleared up many things. When I showed up, they didn't care to make exceptions for their mistakes. Doctor Larsen didn't care to even acknowledge the problems that he witnessed in the office, nor call me back personally. He instead had Nicole call me back on his behalf, then went home early. Larsen, nor anyone else in the office, has reached out to remedy the situation with my incorrect prescription glasses, billing, and incompetency

I urge you to look into other offices so to as avoid any problems with this office.

09/28/2011 BY Bob

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  • If you want to make your eye look more narrow from the visual side, you could wear the contact lenses which could help you get this effect. You could also choose the color you like which could be matched with the color of your clothing. You could have a try to change the shape of your eye from the visual side.

  • These are sweet sunglasses that i bought the other day for only 18 dollars. They were just what i was looking for and very affordable.

  • Well, as far as I know, broken blood vessel in the eyes is a sign of your hazardous health conditions, especially your eyes, as well as other parts. Anyway, this is quite a serious thing, therefore, it would be wise for you to get adequate rest to recover and get some treatment. Of course not right now since it would make the situation even worse. Maybe a few days later you are good to go, as long as you pay due attention to your eyes.

  • Eye colors are genetically different,it began with the ancient ,well,it may from different creatures. Green eyes is rarer than most of the colors,like blue eyes and black eyes. The reason differ from the ancient people inherit. However,the environment people growing in can be include in the reasons.

  • As far as I'm concerned, people with small face are easier to find a suitable glasses, for they look beautiful on various styles of glasses. In terms of your problem, I think you'd better choose small framed spectacles, for large framed eyeglasses would make their faces look smaller. What's more, they are suggested to choose rectangular specs which would make their faces look wider and more modeling. The most concrete suggestion is that try more glasses on you in solid shops to look for what kind of glasses fit you well. As long as you make proper matches, your requirements would no longer be a problem that is hard to solve.

  • There has one method, you can use a particular wet-cloth for wiping the lenses, with a special solution on it that will prevent the fogging.

  • There are many optical stores in Singapore that you can go to look for. I know one store in Singapore that has a amount of sunglasses and reasonable prices for your selection. The store is called "eyes at work" which is located in Millennia Walk, one of the malls near the Ritz-Carlton.

  • The symptoms of dry eyes are as follows: Pain, light sensitivity, a gritty sensation, a feeling of a foreign body or sand in the eye, itching, redness,blurring of vision. And sometimes you may be have excess tears running down the checks. The reasons that cause dry eyes are the natural aging process, side effects of medicines, sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and collagen vascular diseases, eye lids' sructual problems.

  • well, in my opinion, it is dangerous to have this kind of insulation into your eyes, and in some cases, it may lead to some eye problems, such as pink eyes, blurry vision, for insulation consists some chemicals which will be the irritates for your eyes. At this moment, you should clean your eyes with pure water as soon as possible. And then try to use some cool tea bags under your eyes. Just repeat it. And then it can be fine. Anyway, just be careful about it.

  • Generally speaking, it takes several days to get used it when you first time wear eyeglasses. But if you can't adapt to it over one week, you may get the wrong prescription glasses. If so, you shall check your eyes again and buy a new pair.