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Capital Vision Center

Capital Vision Center

(855) 402-7778

Category: Optical Stores

153 Manchester St Apt 2, Unit 2
Concord,NH 03301

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153 Manchester St Apt 2, Unit 2 Concord,NH 03301

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We are an independent family oriented Optometric practice based on the simple principles of quality eyecare at an affordable price.


Contact Lens Specialist, Comprehensive Eye Exams, Diagnosis & Treatment of Computer Vision Related Problems, We Welcome New Patients, On-Site State-Of-The-Art Optical Laboratory

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Now offering the latest in digital eyewear. The Visioffice computer allows you to try on frames and compare them side by side, even print the picture out to bring home!  This state-of-the-art tool also takes it one step further by taking ehanced measurments of the frame on your face to create a totally customized lenses made exclusivley for you!




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