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  • Your problem could be caused by dry eyes or allergies. If it was caused by the dry eye, then you should use a lubricating medication during the evening and just before you go to sleep. A gel or thicker type preparation is better to use before sleep as it will help keep the eye moist for longer. You should avoid eye drops with traditional preservatives and so you could try among others Systane, Hyabak, Lumecare and Blink and those from Moorfields Pharmaceuticals. If the problem is due to allergy, and you only get the symptoms after sleeping, then you may be sensitive to feather pillows or house mites so this possibility is worth exploring. You can also get antihistamine eye drops at the pharmacy. You should have your eyes examined to see if the optometrist can find any other possible cause and to make sure your eyes are otherwise healthy.

  • Please even don' t think like that. Who tell you that being one eye blind is disability. You really don' t need to consider too much! I know that you can' t have normal vision as others do, but I assure you that you can still be fine and everything will be better and better. By the way, have you ever tried some cures? i have a friend who had the similar experience as you have now, but after he tried a lot of ways, he finally made it.

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  • The short answer is yes, It would be uncomfortable but not harmful to wear the wrong prescription just for a few minutes , but if you prepare wearing them for a long period of time for working, watching or do anything else ,it%u2019s very harmful to your eyesight.

  • Well, it will not cause damage to your eyes. However, as you know vaseline is very moisten, and this may cause your eyes go a fat granule, especially if your are oily skin. In my opinion, to our youth, we often confront black eye bags, so we can just use gel. To us, the gel will not too rich and also can moisturize our eyes. And you will not afraid of go a fat granule. What's more, if your eyes feel dry, you can try mask for eye. And appropriate rest is also necessary to our eyes.

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  • Not really. When it comes to online glasses, they are cheaper than those displayed in the brick and mortar store. Because the online shop does not have shop rent as well as inventory. All of these will reduce the cost for the shop. However, the quality of the eyewear online is the same as good as those displayed in the brick and mortar store. Naturally, the price for online eyewear is much lower than those in brick and mortar store.

  • OMG, from your description I know your problem with your eyes is quite serious. But I still haven't got a rough idea of what it is for lack of detailed info. However, according to lots of cases around me, the red dot might just be a extravasated blood, which might be resulted from traumas. And other reasons are also possible, anyway, it would be wise for you to apply warm compress to your eyes regularly, and take medical actions against the problem.

  • It is unbelievable that some people in their 80s still have good vision. It is definitely true that old individuals have different degrees of vision ability. Older people will have presbyopia, glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. So early detection and treatment of these underlying diseases are essential to control and cure them.

  • Plastic frame glasses is just type of eyeglasses frames based on plastic materials that distinct from metal frames. Compared with metal framed eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses frames are usually light weight. And plastic more easy to make shape and tint color, so there are more choices of fashion plastic glasses frames. Maybe this is the reason why they are so popular.