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J.C. Reiss

(973) 538-5287

Category: Optical Stores

25 South St
Morristown,NJ 07960

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25 South St Morristown,NJ 07960

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General Info

Choosing an optician can be especially difficult, so we would like to make that choice a little easier by introducing ourselves and giving you some information about our business. Family owned and operated since its establishment in 1892, J.C. Reiss Optician has been serving New Jerseys optical needs for over 100 years. We believe in providing high quality service and developing lasting relationships with our customers. We offer a wide selection of custom and designer frames and sunglasses for adults, as well as over 400 children's frames in our pediatric department. We are located at 25 South Street, right in the heart of Morristown.


Anti-Reflective Lenses

Aquatic Goggles & Masks

Astigmatic Lenses

Bifocal Eyewear Lenses

Children's Eyewear

Come in and See for Yourself!

Computer Eyeglasses

Designer Eyewear

Driving Eyeglasses

Eye Exams

Fashion Eyewear



J.C. Reiss has the largest selection of designer eyewear in Morristown.

Lineless Bifocal Lenses

Lineless Trifocal Lenses

Pediatric Eye Care

Plastic Lenses

Polarized Sun Lenses

Polycarbonate Lenses

Prescription Ski Goggles

Prescription Sunglasses

Progressive Lenses

Protective Eyewear

Reiss' Kids Eyewear for Children

Replacement Eyewear

Scratch Resistant Lenses

Specialist in Pediatric Eyewear

Specialty Eyeglass Lenses

Sports Eyewear


Trifocal Lenses

UV Protective Coatings

We Make Children Happy and Parents Smile

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Fax: (973) 538-6803


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  • Well, as far as I can see, the Gucci sunglasses you bought is not quite suitable to your face size. Therefore, it would be wise for you to ask the seller for replacement, generally speaking, there would be a little bit extra transition fees awaiting for you. However, even if you manage to tighten it for a short time, as time goes by, you cannot enjoy comfortable use of the glasses.

  • It is true that stress can cause cataracts. Emotional stress can turn into physiological change, and this process is called "transduction". So if you are suffering emotional stress every day, you are prone to get other physical diseases, such as hypertension, asthma and eye diseases. The alcoholism brought by stress can also be the cause of cataracts. If you are under stress from work or life, it is imperative for you to relieve yourself from stress. You can participate in various activities you like, such as dancing, singing and gardening. A healthy diet is also important. You should eat more food with low calorie and large amount of vitamin B. As for the beverage, colas and fruit juices should be avoided. Consult a psychologist if necessary.

  • It is so bad for you to suffer blister in the eyes. You may feel painful and uncomfortable. You could use the warm compress every day to reduce the blister. This really works if you keep on doing it. You could also use the anti-inflammation treatment to reduce it. You could just choose the way that is suitable to your situation.

  • If you have perfect vision and want to wear glasses, you can wear non prescription glasses (also called plano glasses or clear glasses). And such non prescription glasses are just for looks and won't affect your vision. And you can wear it anytime you want.

  • I also agree with your grandpa. According to traditional Chinese medicine, yums can tonify our spleen, lung and reinforce our kidney that are relevant to the health of our eyes( as a good condition of visceral organs can assure you a good blood provision) . What's more, yams are rich in protein, vitaminB, C,E which are important in restoration of eye cells. You can cook in this way: Ingredients: yams, mulberry, red dates, medlar( each 10 gram) Method: boil all the ingredients above in the water into soup. Take the soup everyday, which can eliminate the eyestrain and improve your vision. Hope that will help.

  • Most drug stores have ready-made reasing glasses with less than +1.50 diopters. However, you can find few stores have +1.25 or +1.00 reading glasses. If you want to get the lowest power for reading glasses, like +0.25, +0.50 or +0.75, you can either order them online or you can go to an optical store to have them made.

  • Of course, you can wear colored contact lenses. The choices of colored contact lenses has no business of the color of the eyes. You can choose any colored contact lenses for look. Even if you are poor vision and need vision correction, you can still wear colored contact lenses with prescription for both vision aids and achieve good look. But if you buy prescription colored contact lenses, you'd better take an eye exam for a prescription in order to buy proper contact lenses.

  • Yes. If you let uveitis untreated, it can cause blindness. Uveitis can results in chronic inflammation in the eye. And the symptoms of uveitis are redness of the eye, light sensitivity, pain, blurred vision. Some people will experience floaters when they get uveitis. Once you are diagnosed with uveitis, you should have it treated as soon as possible. Now the treatment for uveitis is corticosteroids.

  • Your prescription may have changed if it's been over a year. So if you plan to get new contacts or glasses, you should see an optometrist. What's more, you do need to check on the health of your eyes regularly. As you get older, lots of diseases can get easily which you may not notice. Early detection is key for the longevity of your eye's health.

  • Well, it seems that you are looking for a better way to wash your sunglasses. So, as we can see, sunglasses lenses are quite fragile and they need our attention and protection. So, you could of course wash them with water, and afterwards, you should use silk cloth to wipe out the water, avoid using some coarse burlap to do so, also, you could use some detergent if necessary. Anyway, try to put them in a dry and dark place after using.