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Tachau Paul Dr Optometrist

(505) 293-3515

Category: Eye Doctor

9204 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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  • Of course, you can wear contacts with swimming goggles when swimming. But you should be careful with your contacts. When you are underwater, you shouldn't take off your swimming goggles in case your contacts fall out of your eyes. Or the water can easily get into your eyes and cause eye infection if you take off your goggles when swimming. So you must be careful.

  • Wash your hands before wearing contact lenses and maintain & clean them in the proper way.

  • Brown eyes are dominant. Now that you are interested in this matter, I will tell you more about it. Suppose that the gene of the brown eyes is expressed in A while the gene of the blue eyes in a. The genotype of person with brown eyes can be AA or Aa while the genotype of person with blue eyes can only be aa. When a person with brown eyes marries a person with blue eyes, their baby can be brown eyed or blue eyed as long as the genotype of person with brown eyes is not AA, otherwise, their baby can only be brown eyed with the genotype Aa. Also, a person with brown eyes marries a person with brown eyes, their baby can be blue eyed under the condition that both of the two person own the genotype Aa. As inferred in this way, blue eyed person marries blue eyed person, their baby can only be blue eyed.

  • Nowadays more and more office workers suffer CVS which may include eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. However, computer eyeglasses can help these people lessen these sysptoms. computer glasses also apply anti-reflective (AR) coatings on its lenses to reduce the glare and reflected light so that your eyes can be protected.

  • If you find that your eyes hurt when you look at sun, you should observe whether there is the problem for your eyes. Actually in the common way people will not feel any hurt when they look at the sun without strong sun light. Your eyes may get infection because of the coming bacterium. You need to use some eye drops to release the symptom. If there is intensive sunshine, you may feel difficult to open your eyes. If so, you need a pair of sunglasses.

  • Well, so sorry to hear that news. Anyway, from what I know, optic neuritis is one of the most serious problems with our eyes, which would make your vision greatly damaged and cause some other problems such as floaters because your visual nerves are damaged. So, you should try to minimize the consequences from getting optic neuritis, and make good use of eyes and pay attention to your eye health.

  • Pinlk eye can be contegious within 24 hours. It can't be contagious 24 hours after you start the drops. Generally speaking, pink eye can go away itself within 24 hours to 48 hours. During this period of time, you should often wash your hands clean and keep the things around you clean. Don't rub your pink eye, either. If it is serious, you should go to see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will treat your pink eye.

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  • There is no way to make them smaller if they are already made. The only choice is to get a new pair with small frame and it will make the edge of lenses much thinner. The lenses of their glasses are thinner in the center and thicker in the edge of lenses. That's means the bigger the lenses are, the thicker the edge of the lenses is. So, big glasses frame will make your thick lenses noticeable.