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147 Old Country Rd
Carle Place,NY 11514

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  • Ear cushions can be understand as a part of eyeglasses frames that can bring people comfortable wearing. Usually, long time wearing eyeglasses frames may result in different degrees of irritation. Eyeglasses with ear cushions can decrease that "rubbing" and discomfort. These cushions, also called pads, can be adjusted by yourself to fit for your face and ears. Anyway, ear cushions are good for people wearing eyeglasses.

  • Totally. I got contact lenses today and I feel much cooler and more confident. I can look into anybody's eyes and talk to them without experiencing any social anxiety. Lenses are so cool.

  • It is OK to have hazel eyes. The color of the eyes are deiced by gene. If you are born with hazel eyes, it is normal. In fact, some people think that hazel eyes are the beautiful eye color. They are so special. But if you got hazel eyes latter, it may caused by some eye diseases , you'd better consult a doctor and get your eyes checked so as to know what causes it. If you don't like hazel eyes, you can make your eyes appear black/brown/blue by wearing colored contact lenses.

  • Not all progressive lenses are created equally, by that I mean they are different. I personally have worn eyeglasses since I was 6 years so I do have quite a bit of experience. I can only wear the brand Varilux of the progressive lenses. Eye doctors have tried putting other brands on me,that wear cheaper, but I can not get use to them. I know Varilux are probably one of if not the most expensive, but your vision can not be short changed with lenses that just don't work!

  • Everybody needs time to get used to their new look. You should keep wearing them for about one week to see whether them suit you. If you still feel wired after a week, then you'd better change for another pair or have your eye examed in a morning to see whether the prescription is wrong.

  • what is cost of eye exam?

  • Yes, it is normal to have the double vision after the prk surgery. Because of the rise and down of the eye pressure, the vision will be a little blurry after the prk surgery. You may need to wait for a week to get the basic recovery. Then about a month, you will get the full recovery. During this time, you should protect your eyes carefully.

  • I usually do not suggest people to see an eye doctor all the time. But as to your situation, I think doctors can help figure out where the problems lies in and treat with your eye pain. If it persists for a long time and occurs every day, it can be a sign of some serious problems. So you'd better see an eye doctor ASAP.

  • Actually, the mayopia can not cause blindness. However, your working environment is not good for your eye, it may cause high degree. In that way, you need to pay more attention to your eye and get it tested periodically. More relax of your eyes will help.

  • It depends. If you want to know if you are qualify for disability or not, you are suggested to take an eye exam by a board certified ophthalmologist. Commonly, eye floaters do not harm to the eyes. But sometimes, eye floaters may be a sign of some serious eye disease. If you suffered from it and it cause a major vision problems to you, It may consider as a disability to some extent.