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  • High index lenses are made for people who with strong prescription. With high index lenses, people with strong prescription can get thinner and lighter lenses. In details, for the same prescription lenses, the higher the index lenses, the thinner the lenses. But that is not mean higher index lenses are better. You shall choose it according to your prescription. You can consult optician who will tell you which index lenses fit for your prescription lenses.

  • Well, yes, glaucoma can just lead to some eye twitching. And also, some other symptoms can be possible too. For example, eye pain can be obvious, and redness in eyes can occur too. By the way, what is most dangerous is that when the cases become severe, vision loss can just occur, for glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time. And according to some eye specialists, it's often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. So just pay more attention to your eyes. And if you have some symptoms just like above, you need to go and see eye doctor as soon as possible.

  • Red eye is medically known as infectious conjunctivitis, it is an acute infectious ophthalmia. I can give you some good tips to help your red eyes. First, keep your eyes clean. Acute conjunctivitis may have many secretions, so it is very important to keep clean. You can use normal saline or 3%boric acid solution to wash your eyes, and then dip eye drops. Second, in the early period of this symptom, you should cautiously use hormones eye drops, you can have cold compresses, which can help to reduce the swelling. Third, you should avoid stimulation of light and heat, you can wear sunglasses when you go out.

  • There are some tips that you may follow. If you want to make your boyfriend look cool and noticeable, you may choose wrap around sunglasses that are quite popular nowadays. Moreover, sunglasses with intricate or printed arms will make his cheekbones more noticeable. You should also take care of sunglasses. Always remember to store them with a hard box, do not leave them on the dashboard, avoid using them as aheadband and do not clear them with paper towel.

  • Well, from what you said, I can see that you like pitbull very much, and it is true that he is presently one of the most famous singers in America. Since he is a celebrity and wants to get some special stage effects, he always tries to wear sunglasses, especially aviator sunglasses, in that way, he becomes cool and mysterious. You could get a pair of those at any optical store. Because those sunglasses are widespread and very popular.

  • Yes, eye infection is associated with sinus infection. The sinus infection or sinusitis, which is defined as inflammation of one more sinuses that are hollow cavities within the bones of the face. It could create pressure in the sinuses that leads to pain. As the sinuses are nearby the ocular area, the pressure from sinuses could cause eye pressure. Even swollen sinuses can push against ocular nerves resulting in pain. If the sinus infection occurs in the sinus cavities closest to the eyes, the eyes themselves may bulge and become red that are eye infection.

  • Compared to other disposable contacts, daily disposable contacts are much more expensive. They can rip easily because they are very thin. And daily disposable lenses may not be available in all of the different colors. This kind of contact lenses can't correct all vision problems.

  • It will take about a week to get the basic recovery after the cataract surgery. However, you'd better not rub your eyes even if your eyes are normal which may cause the infection of eyes. The eyeballs may get pressure when you rub the eyes and get the bacterium because of the not good hygiene.

  • Some people will say cucumbers are effective for dark circles, but others may think not. As far as I am concered, cucumbers can help get rid of dark circles. Dark circles are often caused by dry skin under your eyes. While a cucmber is rich in water containing 90% of water, so they can keep your skin under your eyes smooth. Once your dark circles get enough water, they will go away themselves. I've tried applying cucumbers to treat my dark circles and I found them helpful. However, dark circles can be caused by other factors, so you should figure out what cause your dark circles and treat your dark circles accordingly.

  • All right, it seems that you are worried about that. So, what I can say is that you must try to identify whether it is iritis or pink eyes. If there is a lot of eye discharge, you might have got pink eyes. Seriously, you must take immediate medical treatment before it is too late, for iritis may give you a loss of vision, even make you go blind! Think about it. Just go and visit a doctor and take actions.