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Our customers have been thrilled with their results and continue returning for more assistance. The service we provide is different from the service from other eyewear stores. At See World Optics, We take pride in making sure you are well pleased! From cool and funky eyewear to fashion frames, expect only the best in customer service and selections to win you over! We can custom make you work/computer glasses. We care about your eyes.
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General Impression:

Thank you for your review, I just took on some more petite frames. They fit even more petite then you . Drew

02/08/2012 BY Drew Washton / owner

General Impression:

Drew at See world optics has been making me eyeglasses for the past 18 years. I have a very thin and a petite face and my eyes are very close together. I always had to get kids frames for their small sizes but they never looked good on me. I am 39. Drew has the knowledge, Patience and the correct frames that I love to wear. Give him a shot at fitting you. He knows his stuff. His prices are very fair.
Thank's Drew.

01/03/2012 BY Shelley Greenberg

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  • Progressive lenses have different powers on the lenses, but the field of vision is narrow, so it is difficult to find the correct vision field. Some people have to turn their head to look through the correct part of the lens so that they can see things clearly. Therefore people find it difficult getting used to progressive eyeglasses. They often get dizziness, dazzling and even vomiting when they start to wear progressive glasses in the first time.

  • It depends on the degree of the cataract eye surgery. Usually it takes an hour, but sometimes 10-30 minutes is enough.The procedure itself is one of the safest and most commonly performed procedures. This surgery gives you local anaesthetic and you won't feel any pain during the procedure. After the operation, you may get a "foreign body" sensation for a day but no major pain involved. Only there may be minor pain during the healing process. All in all, cataract eye surgery is very secure. Therefore, don't be worried. Just do it.

  • You will need to wait for only four days after you order the new pair of eyeglasses from shopko. The speed is fast, yeah? It is really a good place to buy the eyeglasses because of the good service and high quality.You just wait for a while and be patient.

  • According your description, you can try bifocal reading glasses. As the name implies, bifocal reading glasses are made of bifocal lenses that have two focus on the lenses. With such bifocal glasses, you can use the button part of lenses to see near while use the top part of lenses to see far distance. With it, you can always get perfect vision without take it on and off all days.

  • Eye twitching can be one sign of stress, especially when it is related to vision problems such as eye strain (see below). Reducing the cause of the stress can help make the twitching stop. Tiredness: A lack of sleep, whether because of stress or some other reason, can trigger eyelid spasms.

  • Sure,actually there are some football player having vision problems already wear glasses while playing. First, you should choose the right sports frames according to your face shape and the frames you choose must fit inside the football helmet well. Because you must get some powerful strikings while playing, you must choose the frames made of impact-resistant polycarbonate or plastics. What's more, if the frames contain rubber padding to decrease the impact on the wear's nose and head, that will be much suitable.

  • You can find lots of professional basketball players like to wear goggles very much, because it's pretty dangerous for them to compete with others. Especially for those players with near sightedness. They can't wear glasses when they are in the game, contact lenses may also be dangerous to them. So they wear goggles with prescription which enables them stay in their good conditions. Goggles can make them more cool by present the different colors and shapes. Most importantly, goggles are all comfortable wearing. Some brands provide players free goggles as well.

  • Black has been the most popular color for many years, so the black frames are becoming more and more popular around the world gradually. I recommend you firmoo. On this site, you can find unisex acetate full-rim frames. I made a deep search on this site and found all these items' prices around $8.00--$40.00. The prices are really reasonable and its service is also quite good. Well, firmoo offers every new customer a free pair of glasses.

  • Blurred vision refers to a lack of sharpness of vision resulting in the inability to see fine detail. Blurred vision may result from abnormalities present at birth such as nearsightedness or farsightedness that require corrective lenses (glasses) or it may signal the presence of eye disease. Blurred vision can also be a symptom of numerous conditions that do not directly involve the eye, such as migraine or stroke. A number of medications may also lead to temporary blurring of vision as a side effect.

  • Yes of course, according to authoritative body, amla juice could help to improve our eye health, since they contains a lot of vitamins and nutritions that are beneficial to our eyes, such as Vitamin A and vitamin B and D. All of them help to improve our vision. As amla is enriched in these vitamins, so it would be wise for you to have it on a regular basis. Meantime, you should not pay less attetion to your eye health.