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504 Broad St
Fuquay Varina, NC

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  • You should consider the weight of the glasses. Lighter sports glasses will make you feel more comfortable when playing sports. If you often play sports outside, your prescription sports glasses should protect your eyes from UV rays.

  • yes. But first, you should call the shop where you bought the glass. If they said yes, you can take your glass to there. This is the best choice, but if they said no, you can contact with the manufacturer, that will be troublesome. And also, you can take it to any optical shop, ask them get your sunglass a new lense. that maybe more expensive. Hope helps.

  • The red eyes after swimming must be caused by infection. There are some bacterium getting into your eyes and irritates the eyes. You must wash your eyes with lots of clear water and use eye drops to help you. It still doesn't work, you'd better get eye checked by doctor and treat your eyes seriously. And the next time of swimming, remember to take your swimming goggles.

  • Yes, Eye twitching can be a sign of fatigue. But not always. But from your description, your twitching eyes shall be caused by fatigue, you 'd better take a break and have a good rest. In fact, eye twitching is a condition that your eyelid tics and spasms are pretty common. It can come and go itself. But some serious eye twitching may last for about a week.

  • Every prescription has three elements: sphere power, cylinder power (amount of astigmatsim) and cylinder axis (direction of astigmatism). PL is an abbreviation for "plano", meaning no power.

  • Well, it sounds bad that your eyelashes keep falling recently, which could make your eyes less attractive. If your eyelashes continue to fall, perhaps there is something wrong with your hair follicle, maybe it is infected,which gave rise to your problem. Or there might be other problems with your eyes. I suggest that you go to get an eye exam to see what happened.

  • You can drip some artificial tears or eye drops to alleviate the dry and sore feeling. Blink your eyes more to keep your eyes moist. Do not spend a long time in manipulating computers or reading, after about one hour, take a break and relax your eyes. Pay attention to the ocular hygiene and wash hands frequently. Do not rub your eyes and avoid wearing contact lenses in this case. In addition, try not to use the air conditioner or air heating, place a humidifier in the room to add moisture to air that is too dry. You can also add your consumption of foods rich of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B1 in your daily diet to supplement the eyes with necessary nutrition.

  • Yes, the pink eyes are contagious which could be spread in the swimming pool. Thus, when you swim in the pool, you'd better wear the swimming goggles to protect the health of your eyes. You should wash the eyes after the swimming to clean your eyes. If you get the pink eyes, you should avoid getting into the public places like the swimming pool.

  • In my opinion, you'd better use lubricating eye drops when needed. When your eyes get dry, you can apply lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes moist. People who often work at the computer screen for a long time are easy to get dry eyes. In this case, they can take a bottle of lubricating eye drops with them. Once they feel dry in the eyes, they can put several drops of the lubricating eye drops to keep the eyes moist.