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  • computer vision syndrome may caused by several factors, such as extended computer use, bright power source of the screen, blinking lessand low contrast. However, you can wear computer glasses to prevent CVS.

  • Sesame seed oil is a natural and useful condiment. It is full of Vitamin E, it has lots of utilities, such as delaying senescence, protecting vascular, relieving a cough, etc. You can use it as a condiment, and if you insist eating it for a long time, your eye winkles would be reduced as well. Using it directly to the skin around your eyes is really not a good idea, the skin around your eyes is naturally thin and delicate, so that they cannot absorb the oil, and then there would be other problems.

  • My Pupillary distance is right eye 31.5mm and left eye is 30.5 from Specsaver. My prescription is Right eye: Spere -4.25, Cyl: -1.25; Axis: 165 and Left eye: Sphere -4.50; Cyl: -1.00; Axis:10. But my online glasses maker can only make single pd of 62mm. That is left eye 31mm and right eye is also 31mm. so there is a difference of 0.5mm pd difference each eye. will this harm my eye? I have premature wrinkle due to my broken glasses arm which tilted the lens and lens I'm tired and cause me to have sign of premature forehead wrinkle now I have read this could be dure to wrong prescription and hence cause muscle around eyes work too harm. in my cse could be due to my broken glasses frame arm and hence lens not positioned correctly.. so I concern this 0.5mm pd difference will this cause me tried muscle around eye again can cause permanent and more premature wrinkle? And also harm my eyes?

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  • This is the official site of Thomas sabo jewellery. Actually it's the factory outlet store, you'll never get much cheaper price in any other stores. Besides, you don't have to worry about whether it's real goods or not.

  • If you have one lens lost, then can cover the eye that you don't put lens in and use the other eye which has the contact lens in it to search the lost contact lens.

  • Well, of course, it is hard to say all the sunglasses on Amazon are real ones. But they actually have many types of wonderful glasses products, so you can just have a try. And to spot the fake ones, there are many tips you can apply to. At first, you should surf the internet, and make sure where the sunglasses are made. And then, check the label. For example, if they are made in Italy, you can check the label which should be written with the words "made in Italy". Also, you can check the warranty too. By the way, you can just take them to the official shops, and the professional stuffs can just give some advices.

  • Yes, the sun light contains a lot of uv rays which will be so bad for the eyes. It will cause the damage on the eyes surface. If you have to be outside for a long time, you'd better wear the sunglasses which are with special coating part to protect your eyes from the uv rays. There are many kinds of sunglasses in the store which you could go and have a search.

  • LASIK, which is short for "laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis" is for the vision correction procedures, with a relative lack of pain afterward, and good vision is usually achieved by the very next day. About the risks: If you are considering to take the LASIK eye surgery, and are worried about the risks, you might take comfort in knowing that sight-threatening complications from laser vision correction are rare. And it is said that in the most cases , the undesired outcomes after LASIK surgery can be corrected with additional surgery or with medical treatment, such as in the case of dry eyes. About the price: The cost of a LASIK eye surgery can differ widely from one provider to another and it depends on many factors. But the average cost might be about $2,000. As far as I'm concerned, it is OK to take such an eye surgery for your nearsightedness since it is with low risk and acceptable cost. And I've already received Lasik surgery 4 years before and I feel quite good with that.

  • Yes. Drinking too much will affect the function of optic nerve, so you will find things blurry after you've drunk too much. If you often drink heavily, your vision will get decreased. To keep healthy, you should tell him to drink as little as possible.