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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

1300 E Mall Dr
Holland, OH 43528-9153

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  • Ok, it seems that you are really worried about getting an eye stye,because such problem would give rise to a lot of symptoms to your eyes and make you suffer a lot. It is true that an eye stye could be resulted from dirty use of your eyes, for they are derived from bacteria, and you also have to pay attention to how you use your eyes and how you rest your eyes.

  • Vintage style is also my style. I love this, and I collect everything vintage which includes clothes, small ornaments and so on. As for vintage sunglasses, I have several pairs and I once did the reparing thing myself. First of all, you need to make sure what is wrong with your sunglasses by examing yours very carefully. If it is about the nose bridge, I can assure you that it is no big deal. And just screwdriver can handle this. It is too hard to teach you here, just by some words, so I think you had better find some useful videos online to make this achieved.

  • It just depends on the causes of color blindness. If the color blindness is caused by eye problem or disease, it is can be treated by a specialized type of eye surgery which can be used to correct color blindness. However, some types of color blindness cannot be corrected If it has nothing to do with the eye problem but the problem with the brain. So you should go to see our doctor to have your eyes checked to see whether your color blindness is caused by eye problems or problems with brain.

  • Maybe you are allergic to something in your bed especially on your pillow. You can wash all your stuffs in the bed. If this doesn't work, you can see an eye doctor. Do you drink every night? If you are a heavy drinker, alcohol can lead to bloodshot eyes. You must stop drinking or drink less.

  • For cleaning your snowboard goggles, you should clean them every few weeks to keep them clean. When cleaning them, you can disassemble your goggles completely if they can. Wash your lenses with your hands in the soapy water, then rinse them with water and let them air dry. Whenever you don't use your goggles, you should store them in a goggle box to keep them in good condition. When you need them, you should reassemble your goggles in place.

  • Retinal detachment is one of common disease which do harm to the patients' eyes. If you find that you've got this disease, you should go to see the doctor immediately because if treatment is delayed, it may bring great harm to you and at worst it may made you blind. OF course Retinal detachment is not cause by dry eyes. Near-sightedness, aphakia, age, retinosis, external injuries are the main causes. It is reported that if you are high myopia, you have great chance to have this disease. At present, there is one common solution: surgery. Whether the surgery works or not depends on patients themselves. But when you finish this surgery, it is best for you to stay in bed and have enough rest.

  • Yes, what your grandma told you is right. The head lice will affect your eyes irritation because the nerves in the head and eyes are interlinked. You should get rid of head lice and keep the hygiene. Once you get the eye irritation, you need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes. You could do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

  • It is likely cause hurt to your eyes. I never worn overworn contacts. But I have experience of wearing overdue contact lenses. When i bought contacts, The seller told me that the contacts can be only worn for three month. But i forgot it and worn them over three months. Then, i felt eye dry, red eyes. Then, i visited an eye doctor, He told me that i shall give up the contacts and wear glasses. And i found my vision problems become more serious.

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  • Eye stye is described as inflammation of the eyelid that occurs when bacteria block the glands of the lid to make it red, painful and swelling. But they are not harm the eye, but they would recur and cause discomfort with blinking. There are some home remedies can treat it. Firstly, you should apply a warm compress twice a day to reduce the swelling of the eyes. Or you can place teabag on the stye because the tannic acids help shrink the stye. Another way is drinking dandelion tea to remove the bacteria responsible for the stye. Additionally, you can dip a fresh cotton swab in some castor oil and apply it to the stye two times each day.