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Heilman Patricia C OD

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Category: Eye Doctor

1142 W 37th St
Lorain, OH 44052

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  • Yes, cold can sometimes lead to itchy eyes. It is because that a person's eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are all mutually interconnected, and so does the mucosa of each of them. When you get a serious cold, the mucosa of nose and throat will get hyperemia and hydroncus, and this condition will influence the conjunctiva of the eyes -- this is the mucosal inflammation which is midically called the manifestation of Mucosal Catarrh. That is the reason for your itchy eyes when you have a cold. You are advised to see a doctor and take some anti-allergic medicine and see whether the condition weakens. In addition, doing more exercises to make yourself stronger and healthier and to enhance your immune ability.

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  • Usually private doctors will take VSP. But I am not sure whether lenscrafters will take VSP. However, you can enter the lenscrafters website to get more information. Even if they don;t accept VSP, you can still get eyeglasses there with lower price because they will offer a 25% discount for out-of-network insurances. Anyway, just check with lenscrafters by yourself. Good luck!

  • There are many home remedies that can help macular degeneration. When you go out, remember to wear a pair of sunglasses that filter the ultraviolet rays. Because sunlight may damage receptors in the eyes. Also, you must eat enough fruit and vegetables everyday. Finally, you need to get regular exercise to stay at a healthy weight.

  • According to your description, you may got some vision problem. Since presbyopia often occurs people over 40 years old because of aging, you may not got presbyopia but hyperopia. Though the reason of hyperopia is different from presbyopia. But both of them can cause problem of near vision. So, i suggest you get an eye examination first for sure. If you really got hyperopia, you'd better by special prescription eyeglasses to correct vision. And remember that not wear others eyeglasses, or it may make your vision more serious.

  • Well, since wearing contact lens is easy to get infected. So you should remember the following suggestions. First, before wear your contact lens, wash your hands carefully. Don't share your contact lens with anyone, otherwise you might catch inflammation. Every night, you should remove your contact lens. Since every contact lens has its own service life, so you should pay attention to it. After wearing contact lens, you may feel itch or dry, you can take eye drops to relief. Do not rub your eyes.

  • Progressive lenses provide bifocal vision correction, but with no visible lines! Lined Bifocals have a distinct line or etch in the lens which visibly indicates where the lens switches from reading to distance vision. Progressive lenses are able to complete the transition between the vision corrections smoothly; letting your eyes naturally move between reading and distance vision without the distracting line in your lenses.

  • eye allergies are so common, there are a number of brands of non-prescription eye drops available that are formulated to relieve itchiness, redness and watery eyes caused by allergies.

  • I heard that honey can help lighten our eye color. We just need to buy some honey from a nearby supermarket and have a try. We can put a drop into our eye and then blink several times. It can clean our eye with natural organic peroxide. but you will get the effect after years of using it in this way.

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