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  • Pink eye is an inflammation of the conjuctive. In most cases, infection or allergy can cause this disease.So rub eyes, wear contact lens and other possibillities will arouse infection will cause the condition worser. Since different causes have different treatments. So if your eyes are due to allergy, you can try cold compresses. Otherwise, you can try warm compresses. However remember warm temperature will breed bacterium, so each eye use different compresses. Wash your eyes from inside to outside. Use medicine, like eye drops and eye oimtment to relieve symptoms. During home treatment, you should be careful. If your condition become serious or often, such as blurred vision, eye pain, sensitivity to light, you should go to see the doctor immediately.

  • I can't think of a situation where I would tell a nearsighted patient he had to wear his glasses for reading. Now you have a second optometrist opinion. It is OK to leave them off when you read or work on computer. Just don't lose them.

  • "Make it paralyze the bridge of your nose in the assistance of the mirror."
    What?!! hands4god is an idiot. Why did the site admin allow such drivel? However, Shureluck's answer was very helpful.

  • Well, if I say wearing non prescription glasses is a trend, will you follow it? I think most of us will follow it. To some people, they can be very cute with a pair of glasses. Sometimes glasses can be used as decorations. We know that decorations can make us look more beautiful, so glasses do. Non prescription glasses will not do great damages to our eyesight. I strongly suggest you to have a try. Maybe you will find that they can make you look good too.

  • If you just buy a pair of frame, you can go to the eyeglasses store and it will be put by any kind of lenses. However, If you get a ready-processed lenses to match any frame, it is impossible. Hope this helpful.

  • Hello, there are a lot of eye problems caused by sleep apnea. First, floppy eyelid syndrome is the most common result, which causes eyelids to turn inside-out. Second, sleep apnea can also result in some eye problems such as excessive watering, stickiness, discomfort and blurred vision. Third, glaucoma is also possible.

  • Definitely yes. I appreciate their free offer very much. Im disabled and i lived single with very very low income. Firmoo rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, too much sleep can also lead to bags under your eyes. We have been told that lack of sleep can be related to the bags under eyes. But on the other hand, if you sleep too much, being in a prone position too long, it can cause fluid retention in the face, that look like bags. As we know that when the septum surrounding the eyeball weakens, it will lead to causing the outer layer of fat within the socket to sink forward. Then in this way, they can make it look like you have literal "bags" under your eyes. So you can alleviate this by sleeping with your head elevated. And to reduce the bag under eyes, you also can reduce your salt consumption, for salt causes your body to retain fluid. Besides, you can also put some cool ice or teabag on your eyes. in that way, it can relieve your symptom.

  • Well, yes of course, bifocal contact lenses is a products invented by Johnson corporation. The purpose of the contact lenses is to enable people with myopia and far sightedness to see things clear and adjust to different objects from different places. Therefore, the prices for bifocal contact lenses could be slightly higher than regular contacts. Generally speaking, a pair of them would be 50 to 100 dollars. But you will see some bargains at Walmart, the largest retail shop.

  • As for hazel eyes, it is a little difficult to choose the proper colored eyeshadow. But thanks to our experiences, we find that purple is the best choice for hazel eyes, because when it is applied to hazel eyes, the dark tone of it can help you to highlight the appearance of such beautiful eyes. Believe me, it is really a good choice. Finally, for an eye makeup learner, I think that buying an eyeshadow in color palettes is also a good idea, because you can experiment with many different color combinations. After that, I'm sure you can find the color which suits you best.