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Ben Fowler Baker MD

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3400 E Frank Phillips Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74006

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  • Fogging happens because water molecules in the air are attracted to a hard surface that is much colder than the ambient temperature. You can use some white vinegar,rub the solution on both sides of your glasses lenses and let dry,remember don't rinse or wipe away. But the best way to avoid it entirely is to apply an anti fog treatment to your glasses. Treat your glasses with commercially made anti fogging solution. They are inexpensive and come in a portable pump spray bottle.

  • Yes you can get contacts that dont have a prescription but is different from the colour of your iris. However, as most other people here have said, don%u2019t keep them in for too long.But if your really concerned, go see an optomotrist.

  • The puffy eyes are related to sleep, drinking water and the posture of body during the sleep. Besides, the reasons for puffy eyes are many. For example, the inappropriate use of cosmetics, skin disease and illness like angioneurotic edema. Generally speaking, it is very common to to have puffy eyes. You'd better use some clarifying lotion to clean your eyelid, forehead and temple. People who work as typewriter and stenographer may learn to do the following exercise: Firstly,keep your head still and move your eyeballs, left to right, up to down. Open your eyes and close your eyes hard. Moreover, The nutrition is closely related to the state of eyes. I advise you to eat more green vegetables, keep your pillow lower, drink less water before you sleep and have a sound sleep.

  • As your uncle aged 50, declining vision and other eye diseases, such as presbyopia,cataract, glaucoma should take into account. So how about bifocal sunglasses that prescribed to people with presbyopia. bifocal sunglasses can both help to correct myopia hyperopia, astigmatism and protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Besides, there are also many other choices, and you can consider multifocal sunglasses that can ensure you enjoy seeing objects without any occurrence of image jump,which is also a perfect choice for senior citizens. Both of bifocal and multifocal sunglasses have various colours and frames, and I think you can choose a suitable pair for your uncle.

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  • Well, yes, in my opinion, astigmatism can just lead to eye floaters in some degree. First, you should know that astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape. And according to some researches, astigmatism is the result of an eye, which has two different powers, and it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. And then, some symptoms can occur. For example, eye floaters, blurry vision, shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches can be possible. So it can be very dangerous to have it. Of course, you can just wear contact lenses to correct it, and contact lenses can be better than glasses.

  • Of course dryness and allergies are different. The reasons for the two conditions are different. Allergy would be triggered if you get in contact with some subjects that is allergic. It is always associated with other allergic conditions for example, hay fever and dermatitis. If you have eye allergy, your eyes may be burning, itching, watery and swelling. For eye allergies, eye washing is the most common way to flush irritants out. Some over the counter medicine could effectively help relieve the symptoms. As to dryness of eyes, it is the disturbance of tear film. Tear plays very critical role in eyes. It could help wash eyes, kill bacteria and lubricate eyeball. Dryness of eyes is a syndrome which is the disturbance of tear film. With dryness eyes, you might develop redness, grittiness, foreign body sensation and sensitivity to light. Some infections and inflammation might develop dry eyes too. The treatment for dryness is different from that to allergies. Use a humidifier to add moisture in air which could help relieve dryness. Apply hot compress and do some eye massages. The doctor might prescribe some artificial tear and lubricating gel for the patient, which could provide more moisture and lubrication to eyes. Both can be bought over the counter. You can find these differences between the two conditions. Hope this is helpful to you.

  • Yes, eating eggs is good for the eyesight. What's more, eating the food with calcium is also good for the eye sight. A lot of people think that the things that can protect the eyes from the harmful ray damage and aging attack is vitamin C and vitamin A. However, the efficiency of these two kinds of vitamin belongs to the plant pigment lutein and corn flavin and in our daily life. In addition to dark green leafy vegetables outside, if we often sit in front of computers, we might as well eat an egg yolk or eggs which do help for our eyes. Thus, keep a habit of eating eggs every day.

  • You may be qualified to get a free test on the NHS if you are under 19 and in full-time education. Also diebetes or glaucoma in your family history qualifies for free.

  • If the sunglasses always slip down your nose when you wear it, it may mean that the sunglasses may be a little bigger for you. You'd better adjust the position of the nose pad of the sunglasses which could be tight and let you wear comfortable. You could use the screwdriver to do this.