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Children’s Eye Care, PLLC

Children’s Eye Care, PLLC

(405) 751-2020

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

11013 Hefner Pointe Dr
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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  • Well, I can see that you care a lot about your eyes and want to remove those dark circle. Anyway, it is true that helichrysum oil could help with your dark circles because it contains a lot of nutrition for the eyes. Some helichrysum eye creams are very effective for dark circles. Also, retin A products are helpful too. Most importantly, you need to revise your lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

  • Ask your eye doctor for appropriate suggestions. There is no scientific proof that eye exercise can help improve eyesight. So I think you must turn to other ways to help correct your vision problems. You can give up watching TV or playing computer games if you are addicted to it. You can form a good habit of using eyes if you don't care about your eye health in daily lives.

  • You should not eat the spicy food any more. You need to use the anti-inflammation medicine to adopt around the eyes. In addition, you could keep on using the eyes drops until you get the recovery. You may use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You should have the good rest for the eyes every day.

  • Yes, banana is not expensive and normal, which is also good for eye health, because it's rich in potassium. If you have too much salt element in your body that will cause the eyes red and dry, potassium in banana will help to balance this and relieve your eyes from discomfort.

  • If you have the slight strabismus, you do not need to have the strabismus surgery which could have many side effects after the surgery. You could wear the eyeglasses to help you get the right vision. Although the surgery is safe and effective, you still do not need to take the risk to doing it. This is my own opinion. You could listen to the professional's suggestions.

  • Yes, the anxiety may cause the dark circles under the eyes. As we know, the dark circles under the eyes may be caused by the not good blood circulation, lack of sleep and other reasons. If you get anxiety, your blood circulation will be hindered which will not give the full amount of blood to the eye parts. If you get anxiety often, you may get the dark circles under eyes.

  • Bifocal lenses have two different areas that is used to correct both nearsightedness and presbyopia. And a line is visible in the bifocal lens.While varifocal lenses do not have a line where the two prescriptions meet and can correct the vision for mid-range or arm's-length , so you can use varifocal glasses to see computer.

  • Lazy eyes can be cured though you are 21 years old. We must know that we can retrain our brain. The developmental optometrists can make two eyes to work as a team. The first thing you need to do is to have a functional vision test, this will help determine the extent of your vision problem. Then, you need to find the right lens or glasses. The right prescription at this time can restraint the stronger eye to bully the weaker eye. Meantime, you need to take serious visual activities. I suggest you to look for patching and vision therapy. Consult more information from your eye doctor immediately. Good luck!

  • It is not ok to do that. First of all, I must point out that reading books with a flashlight in the dark has do great harm to your eyes. A flashlight can't provide you with enough light for you to read in the dark. So you must get close to the book in order to look clear. That will make your eyes feel exhausted and decline your eyesight as a result. If you use LED Flashlight torch, you should ban using it to read in the dark. Because the light from LED belongs to cold light and it will reflect light. Reflecting light means light will get into our eyes which will harm our eyes. At last I advise you to use reading lamp or 60w incandescent lamp or 15w fluorescent lamp.

  • Of course you could. You can ask them to give you another pair of the normal lenses which you can replace the prescription sunglasses lenses with them when you wear contacts. I think they would be happy to sell you the normal lenses because it means for money for them.