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Dr. Manek Anklesaria MD

Dr. Manek Anklesaria MD

Category: Eye Doctor

4415 S Harvard Ave, Ste 120
Tulsa, OK 74135

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  • Those celebrities love sunglasses deeply than other people. The main reason for this phenomenon is they need to be cool, then they need to hid their sleepy eyes caused by the endless flying. Julian Casablancas is a talented singer and song writer, he is really busy and he always gets sleepy eyes, so sunglasses are the necessity for him. No matter what, we love him for his awesome music. But we have to admit, sunglasses do make him special.

  • One of the microorganism chlamydia will induce chronic infective keratitis. The appearance of symptom of this disease will lead to hackly of palpebral conjunctiva, like sand. This disease will last for over ten years that relate to the living and hygiene standard of the outer environment. The serious one will lead to blindness. The appearance of the disease will be photophobia, tears, itch and foreign body sensation, incretion increasing. The eyes bloods will congestion the follicle will appear, the heavy one will be cornea pannus. The hypopsia will happen. Keratohelcosis and dry eyes will exist in the later periods.

  • The causes of red, glassy eyes can be a combination of things. Allergies, dry eyes blepharitis may cause red and glassy eyes. There are some home remedies that will help with your symptoms. If it was caused by allergies, you could pin down the offending objects (allergens). If it was caused by dry eyes, you could apply some artificial tears or drink plenty of water to lubricate your eyeballs. If it was caused by blepharitis, you could apply daily lid scrubs combined with warm compresses to relieve your symptoms. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor first.

  • The removable "bifocal" lenses that you can put anywhere on your sunglasses or prescription glasses. These are really neat. They are easy to apply and remove. To apply you simply wet them and press them where you want them on your glasses. The molecular attraction of the lenses cause them to adhere (the water is used to make sure the reading lenses make complete contact with your lenses and that there are no air pockets to cause distortion). They can be removed by peeling them off, and reused again and again.

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  • Your puffy eyes must still get the eyes infection which needs to be got rid of with the medical care or other things. You could use the warm compress to release the puffy eyes. You should keep on doing this. In addition, you could also keep on using the eyes drops to make the puffy eyes release. You'd better not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eyes skin.

  • No, you brother will not get pink eyes. The gases that come from our farts are methane which will not cause pink eye. Usually pink eye is caused by poor hygiene. You may get pink eye by not washing your hands and face. If you don't wash your face often, the bacteria that your faces intake throughout the daily course could build up and turn into pink eye.

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