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Empire Optical Inc

Empire Optical Inc

(918) 744-8005

Category: Optical Stores

3238 E 21st St
Tulsa,OK 74114

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You Will Know As Soon As you Step in the Door - Empire Optical is a Very Unique Business. Started in 1964 by Gus and Naomi Caldwell, Empire Optical Has Been Making Quality Eyewear for Tulsa and the Surrounding Area for Decades. Empire Optical Remains a master Opticians. There are also several other ABO certified Opticians on site.


OUR FRAMES - We have a huge selection of frames, with the largest selection in Tulsa. Whether you like metal, plastic, rimless, designer frames, imports, sunglasses, sports glasses, or wrap sunglasses - Empire Optical is sure to have what you dark in the sunlight, Crizal anti-reflective coatings that help you see more clearly , and super-thin High Index lenses for heavy prescriptions. We also specialize in making Wrap Sunglasses in your RX - we can put almost any lens, and any RX into a wrap accurate than standars methods! It is just part of our constant pursuit of excellence. OUR SERVICE - We always offer complimentary adjustments. We don't care where you got your eyeglasses, come to us and we'll make sure they fit correctly. We also Azria * Bebe * Bolle * Candies * Caviar * Cazal * Charmant * Columbia * Ed Hardy * Elle * Ellen Tracy * Esprit * Grant * Gucci * Harley Davidson * Hart Schaffner Marx * Hummer * Izod * Jhane Barnes * Lacoste * LaFont * La ura

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