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Enyart Brett

(918) 252-2020

Category: Optical Stores

6140 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa,OK 74133

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  • Do not look at the sun directly, it will hurt your eyes. However, you need to sun filter or sunglasses to prevent your eyes from sunshine.

  • Ok, looks like there is something wrong splashed into your eyes. From what I know, dry ice would not be of great harm to your eye health. Because that is mainly comprised of carbon dioxide, and you could simply flush your eyes with some water and get eye drops to treat the irritative feeling. Take it easy and be careful from this point on.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get the eye discharges when teething because of the interlinked eye and teeth nerves. When you do the teething, the teeth nerves' effect will get to the eyes part. Your eyes may get stimulation at the excretion system. That is why the eyes discharge something. You should take notice of this when you do the teething.

  • All right, from what I can see, you are not very happy with the service available from some optical shops. Anyway, most designer sunglasses are not prescriptive, which means that they could not help with your poor vision. However, you could try to contact their customer service department to ask for some special help with your requirements. And just tell them which type of sunglasses you need. That would be ok. Of course there will be some additional fees.

  • Blue light can cause damage to the Retina. Blue light is present in regular sun light, as well as in office environments such as computer screens generate Blue light and in select industrial applications.Even though blue light is nothing new, the biggest issue is the amount of blue light exposure that we get each day through digital device use. With this exposure increasing over time, we are actually causing permanent damage to our eyes. But unlike digital eye strain, the effects of blue light are cumulative and can lead to eye diseases like macular degeneration.

  • Yes, computers are really bad for your eyes although they are important to our daily modern life. The radiation from the computer will affect your vision and is bad for your health. You could use to wear the computer goggles to protect the eyes which will make your eyes prevent from the radiation. There are a lot of computer goggles in the market which you could choose from.

  • No, it would not be permanent in daily life, but it would be a sign of danger when the eye floaters are increased in sudden. Eye floaters or black spots usually move in and out of vision, changing position with eye movement. In fact, the number of floaters tends to increase with age. It is a common condition for almost every person has a few floaters in the eye, especially when you are looking at bright background like blackboard. It is normally caused by stress, lack of nutrients, fatigue, mood and other factors. It would come and go naturally when you adjust yourself and life style. However, it would be a sign of serious eye disorders, such as retinal detachment, if it is permanent.

  • You can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your red and itching eyes. But if it was caused by an eye infection, artificial tears can't solve all the problems for you, you may need to find what causes your red and itching eyes and then apply appropriate treatment. But don't worry, red and itching eyes are always a common symptoms for many eye problems, if we treat it timely and properly, you will be fine soon and this will not cause great damages to your eyes.

  • So, I think there is something wrong with your eyes. And as a matter of fact, there are a wide variety of options that could help with eye infections. However, here I would like to remind you that despite the great effectiveness tea bags could provide, they are not effective in treating infections. But you could still apply those tea bags to relieve some uncomfortable feelings. They just could replace of effects of pills and eye drops.

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